Hollow Eve 396 Raffle Center

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[The Massive Metal Arachnid, Raffle Center]
The polished bronze walls of the room easily reflect the light of the hanging lanterns. A wide granite counter sits on this side of a canvas curtain dividing the interior space into two rooms, preventing the casual peruser from seeing the cache of prizes beyond. You also see Raffle Attendant Kentikatili, a large iron arch, a bucket of viscous gloop and a raffle result board.
Obvious exits: none.

Raffle 74

Item Winner Notes
oval stained glass pendant depicting a unicorn on a hill Ignifera
blackened silver medallion inlaid with eventide moonstone Iseye
ivory ring carved to resemble tiny interlocking skeletal hands Coralin
brass-studded leather dueling gauntlets with gilt-edged tooling on the cuffs Solundul
polished steel tower shield painted with a grinning zombie doll Ysselt

Raffle 75

Item Winner Notes
black ankle boots embroidered with detailed skeletal feet Caraamon
silvery haversack embroidered with a brilliant jewel-toned dragon Basthet
black walnut flail with a dark iron chain Durzo
burnished gold ring set with a cambrinth star Rafeki
oversized merchant doll head set with staring glass eyes Langa

Raffle 76

Item Winner Notes
cobalt spinel worry stone etched with Be'ort's coyote Baksuai
bottle of Cnyr's stout Solire
saffron topaz worry stone etched with Glythtide's ram Lindse
polished cambrinth lemon dusted with silver Tacita
aubergine felt cloak trimmed with pure white pelts Lenetia

Raffle 77

Item Winner Notes
primary Immortal avatar pendant Nyseth
tooled leather girdle Sylvaran
paisley wool shawl in autumnal colors Amandala
Guild Leader T'Kiel doll Sonjaa
cloth-of-gold jacket embroidered with a multicolored phoenix Sajsuto

Raffle 82

Item Winner Notes
twisted silver anklet with dangling heart-shaped garnet charms Aleyden
alabaster worry stone etched with Eu's Faiyka Vien
Guild Leader Anhh'shre doll Aourn
hoop-shaped cambrinth earring with polished gold fittings Malzard
triangular stained glass pendant depicting a dragon on a mound of treasure Ceirdwyn

Raffle 83

Item Winner Notes
lapis-inlaid bones Terra
round stained glass pendant depicting a majestic tree Gridaksma
blackened silver charm inlaid with cherry opal Xalahai
Guild Leader Tomma doll Netia
burnished tower shield intricately etched with the image of a battlefield Malzard

Raffle 84

Item Winner Notes
tiny silver spider hanging from an onyx earcuff Kerrianna
fiery red embroidery kit clasped by a gold hawk Ceirdwyn
gold ring inlaid with a jade spider Tyesha
white pearl Grazhir pendant hanging from a delicate silver chain Felicini
gold neithrel band fastened with five silver chains Heplythea

Raffle 85

Item Winner Notes
feldspar worry stone etched with Truffenyi's ox Sipf
white gossamer wedding gown Draac
ruby necklace strung with dozens of tiny heart-shaped beads Quala
soft woolen shirt Padaxes
black silk slippers with a delicate silvery web overlay Filfar

Raffle 89

Item Winner Notes
ebony nightstick banded with copper Marsais
onyx spider cameo set in a wrapped gold ring Pullo
white ceramic jar labeled "Peanuts" Liock
larimar worry stone etched with Meraud's wolf Shalendrya
oval tower shield painted with an intricate blood-red rose Josara


Item Winner Notes
moldering scroll Tehtso
demantoid garnet worry stone etched with Asketi's adder Celeres
lapis lazuli worry stone etched with Idon's heron Theelos
gypsum worry stone etched with Huldah's weasel Acerild
Guild Leader Tomma doll Diggan


Item Winner Notes
darkstone worry stone etched with Botolf's goshawk Rainea
wedge of cambrinth sandwich with dark aventurine watercress Tehtso
brass-studded leather dueling gauntlets with gilt-edged tooling on the cuffs Waveshell
sunset opal and platinum pendant Casserah
kiln-dried clay duck Xurek


Item Winner Notes
pitted gold tailband inlaid with a nimbus garnet cabochon Tercsyn
sleek chakrel panther amulet hung from a braided platinum chain Jadyse
star-streaked purple sack Sortny
sturdy oak case with a deep brown stain Charlize
twisted silver armband with a spiral of orchid alexandrite Cerrano