Hollow Eve 392 Raffle Center

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[The Massive Metal Arachnid, Raffle Center]
The polished bronze walls of the room easily reflect the light of the hanging lanterns. A wide granite counter sits on this side of a canvas curtain dividing the interior space into two rooms, preventing the casual peruser from seeing the cache of prizes beyond. You also see Raffle Attendant Kentikatili, a large iron arch, a bucket of viscous gloop and a raffle result board.
Obvious exits: none.

light war mallet with a pierced steel head Waveshell
witch ball Tenasia
piece of cambrinth celery with lacey peridot leaves Yamcer
black marble worry stone etched with Mrod's crow Langa
pouch of lead pellets Leucistic

thickly looped fluffy yellow bath towel edged with a wide hunter green ribbon Aleyden
sweeping golden greatcloak trimmed with intricate cerulean blue gypsy knotwork Annandale
massive stuffed toucan with a greatly-curving beak Jairem
blackened silver pendant inlaid with cinnabar Pelltrium
diamond-inlaid bones Shalendrya

partisan with a broad woodgrain-steel blade Jairem
midnight blue bandolier embroidered in black with the stalking panther of Damaris Zairius
blackened silver medallion inlaid with white jade Alonrik
star-streaked purple sack Joiliette
blackened silver medallion inlaid with eventide moonstone Elsbecca

star-stone worry stone etched with Phelim's nightingale Sasper
steel hammer with a lion's head handle Akodam
mystic topaz nose stud set in platinum Sortny
jet worry stone etched with Damaris' panther Khalikryst
Guildleader K'miriel doll Saet

engraved brass medallion Catrynnya
blackened silver pendant inlaid with autumn jasper Aquetis
Guild Leader T'Kiel doll Myeka
polished platinum earcuff inlaid with phantom sapphire Geisin
lacquered bamboo storage case sporting scars and nicks Keladra

oblong cambrinth lime brushed with golden highlights Crystell
sharkskin boots with bone toe guards Keladra
tiger lily carnelian worry stone etched with Murrula's phoenix Kiterina
burnished gold ring set with a cambrinth star Albelz
cambrinth tadpole on a thin gold chain Tzian

star-streaked purple sack Salvar
bronze-inlaid pelvises Akudyn
arsenic-blackened visored helm with elaborate bronze ornamentation Bethanna
suede weapons belt with carved sana'ati panels Ascher
blackened silver charm inlaid with dusk spinel Maitresse

hoop-shaped cambrinth earring with polished gold fittings Albelz
elegant multi-strand black pearl choker with a ruby heart pendant Magdar
piece of flaky cambrinth tart filled with citrine apples Jairem
fiery red embroidery kit clasped by a gold hawk Valynn
larimar worry stone etched with Meraud's wolf Chigurh

rose beryl worry stone etched with Faenella's wren Zemon
cambrinth lump Ruea
Guildleader Annael doll Yarrius
dark ironwood buckler painted with a field of seven-pointed stars Celeres
star-streaked purple sack Erlo

small cambrinth toe-ring with a braided silver band Totenus
alabaster worry stone etched with Eu's Faiyka Ranstlan
eye-searing bright green tabard emblazoned with the shrew of the mad goddess Kerenhappuch Elizandra
square gaethzen sandwich with ruffled jade lettuce and polished agate tomatoes Zairius
skewered chakrel eyeball amulet hung from a pitted bronze chain Seducati

blackened silver medallion inlaid with mountain agate Bluewither
silver diadem replete with a lustrous vela'tohr tourmaline Eladian
mammoth leather fighting pants pierced with fossilized ivory studs Smegul
bloodstone worry stone etched with Tenemlor's Shariza Valynn
creamy white cotton tabard dyed with the sea green emblem of the dolphin of Eluned on it Venairthew

smoky topaz and gold pendant Bethanna
soft woolen shirt Sortny
brightly dyed helm shaped like the head of a screaming beaked beast Rahlys
square cambrinth sandwich filled with tiger's eye peanutbutter and amethyst jam Averalaan
small cambrinth marble engraved with a pattern of crashing waves Yarrius

elaborately carved knotwork cambrinth pendant hung from a slender silver chain Aleyden
set of yellowed elsralael bones Chrysanthalasa
ruby-inlaid bones Thevelar
animite-laced granite worry stone etched with Hav'roth's cobra Sortny
wide golden torque dangling a scintillating zenith spinel Jalika

saffron topaz worry stone etched with Glythtide's ram Malykai
snowflake obsidian worry stone etched with Coshivi's badger Mellicent
Guildleader Alris doll Xerina
sunstone worry stone etched with Berengaria's cow Zaped
piece of hhr'lav'geluhh bark Raxxall

star-streaked purple sack Erlo
articulated silver brooch Spiritshadow
salt-stained burlap lootsack Marsais
star-streaked purple sack Venairthew
star-streaked purple sack Lunora

diamondique worry stone etched with Kertigen's raven Dreadnym
large cambrinth blob Sortny
basalt worry stone etched with Demrris' Iladza Daedricii
oblong cambrinth lime brushed with golden highlights Celeres
clear crystal worry stone etched with Hodierna's unicorn Clarawen

aquamarine worry stone etched with Lemicus' albatross Sortny
dried gourd flask Krahas
ruby Yavash pendant hanging from a dark velvet ribbon Phii
blackened suit of battered chain armor Vorheis
feldspar worry stone etched with Truffenyi's ox Boobuh