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Stellar Magic is a collection of spells that are not taught by guild leaders, but instead are learned by undertaking a quest. They tend to make thematic use of starlight, but barring that make thematic use of the planets or have greater effect at night.

In addition, the Stellar Magic spellbook doesn't have it's own mana level like other Moon Mage spellbooks. Instead, each stellar spell is mechanically considered to be a part of one of the standard spellbooks and thus uses the mana level of the most closely related spell book. This also extends to other mechanics such as the use of spellbook-specific ritual foci in the case of stellar ritual spells.

  • Moonlight Manipulation: Starlight Sphere, Crystal Spike
  • Enlightened Geometry: Invocation of the Spheres
  • Perception: Shadewatch Mirror, Read the Ripples

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