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It is unknown if this gemstone is required to be provided for alterations, however it is sold at common shops such as Trader Shop (Muspar'i).

Gem Values

Color Tiny Small Medium Large Huge
Base Modifer Lower Upper Lower Upper Lower Upper Lower Upper Lower Upper
Carmine 109 832 221 1,531 486 1,731 6,832 6,832 4,795 4,795
Chestnut 120 798 221 2174 443 2,130 4616 4616 8,340 8,340
Cinnamon 109 898 266 1773 1,110 1,330 975 2,308 13,320 13,320
Rust-colored 109 873 243 910 444 2,397 3,728 4,795 1,952 1,952


ItemSource isRare item
Alder carving case with a wild boar clasp of rust-red carnelianAltared Visionstrue
Bejeweled cambrinth bracer embossed with the crest of the Warrior Mage guildtrue
Bejeweled caravan charmtrue
Breaking and Entering/Rooms and Loot/Material options
Bronzed pinky ring inset with a carved carnelianTrader Shop (Muspar'i)true
Carnelian ring inset with the centaur of TrothfangMisenseor Goods (1)Misenseor Goods (2)Misenseor Goods (3)Misenseor Goods (4)Misenseor Goods (5)Misenseor Goods (6)true
Chubby clay piggy bank with gemstone eyesBreaking and Entering/Bedroom loottrue
Collection of thin bangles crafted from malachite and carnelianTurialo's Haven (4)Turialo's Haven (8)true
Delicate cambrinth flamerose with petals edged in translucent carnelianSho'hhs Migendaniisfalse
Delicate silver jewelry box inlaid with a golden phoenixCacophony of Silver and Glass (2)Cacophony of Silver and Glass (3)Hollow Eve Festival 414/RafflesHollow Eve Festival 417/Rafflestrue
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