Festive Elf

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Festive Elf
Event Chris' Mass Festival 400
# of Rooms -
Store Type Miscellaneous shops

For 1 silver, he will wrap any item you GIVE him into a randomly generated package.


Dressed in festive attire, a festive Elf stands amid countless crates of collapsed boxes, bags, and papers colored in more styles than seems possible.


There is a festive elf in each of Shard, Riverhaven, Inner Hibarnhvidar, and Crossing with the same services.


  • ASK ELF ABOUT GIFT: A festive Elf nods and says, "Ayup. Just GIVE me what you would like wrapped, and I'll see what I can do!"
  • ASK ELF ABOUT CHRIS: A festive Elf smiles. "A wonderful time of the year, no? All the smiles as gifts are passed around are just so infectious!"
  • ASK ELF ABOUT TASK: A festive Elf creases his brow. "Task, eh? I suppose I could send you to collect some lavender to decorate some shrine or another." He looks deadly serious... until his face breaks into a wide grin and he chuckles uncontrollably. "No no. No work from me. I'm here to serve you with all your wrapping and gifting needs!"


  • A festive Elf shouts, "Gift wrapping! Red, green, silver, white, gold, and more, maybe even with a matching bow! Only 1 silver per package!"
  • A festive Elf exclaims, "Gift wrapping! Get your gifts wrapped for giving here!"
  • Humming off-key, the a festive Elf performs a mish-mash of barely recognizable holiday tunes.
  • A festive Elf reaches into his pockets and pulls out a cookie which he pops into his mouth. "Yum!" he exclaims.
  • Aware of his audience, a festive Elf accepts an offered gift and stares blankly at it for a moment. Then, faster than your eyes can follow, he transforms it into a beautifully wrapped present complete with shining bow. He profers it to its owner with a flourish.
  • As a crowd approaches, a festive Elf tries to outdo himself as he wraps each package in a new way -- behind his back, bending over backwards, above his head. Those gathered applaud his showmanship.