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Status: Alive
Guild: Cleric
Race: Akul'tiz
Gender: Male
Location: Unknown
Relatives: Dergati

General Information

Xitoccanemun is believed to be the creature (or perhaps just the first of them to do so) that hatched from the chrysalis that grew near Dergati's altar in the Ker'leor during a ritual held there.

Leader the of seemingly hive-mind creatures known as the Akul'tiz, Xitoccanemun appears to be perhaps the only one of his kind who has any portion of a distinct personality of his own, though few outside of a handful of Spirit Parents who remained loyal to the creature and his 'Mother', the Immortal Dergati, throughout the events surrounding the eruptions of the Greater and Lesser Fists in 410 have spoken with him at enough length to fully understand the extent of his free will.

Little is known for certain of how the rest of the Akul'tiz came to be, but whether his title "the First" refers to his birth order, his favored status with Dergati, or something else entirely, it is clear that the rest of the creatures seem to both follow and revere Xitoccanemun, even after he was injured by the Sun Orb and slain by the masses of adventurers who invaded the underground home of the Akul'tiz in order to restore Peri'el from her poisoned slumber and prevent the end of Elanthia itself.

Upon this death, Xitoccanemun was drawn into the earth itself. It is believed that he remains deep in the ground, waiting, regaining strength, and preparing for what might come next. In fact, reports of Xitoccanemun contacting the minds of many of the Spirit Parents after his disappearance (to either comfort the loyal or curse the disloyal) have remained persistent.

Appearance 10/17/13

You see Xitoccanemun the First, an Akul'tiz.
Xitoccanemun has apple-sized, brilliant violet eyes and pointed too-white teeth. Hairless grey skin hangs flaccidly from his frame, heavily tattooed head-to-toe to the point that it appears solid black, leaving only the eyelids to betray his natural complexion. Tipping his fingers are long, sharpened nails painted a dusky emerald-green swimming with flecks of silver.
He is well-built and very tall for an Akul'tiz.
He looks rather wizened.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a heavy lumium robe mottled by patina-covered sections of chain.



Casts Horn of the Black Unicorn, Soul Sickness, and Soul Attrition.


A cocoon of darkness spins into being nearby, and Xitoccanemun emerges from within.
Xitoccanemun suddenly slips into the shadows and disappears.

Blinding Attack

With a ritualistic flourish, Xitoccanemun thrusts two fingers in a stabbing motion at you.
You feel a disembodied touch on your eyes -- you cannot tell whether it is a kiss or a pair of fingers. The touch lightly increases in pressure, and both of your eyeballs suddenly explode like ripe plums stamped by a mammoth!

Halo-like Attack

Fractals of pale light materialize in a cascading pattern around Xitoccanemun, outlining the faint beginnings of a complex gyre. With a bestial moan, tides of suffocating black fog erupt from the ether, blotting out the pattern as if it were Dergati's hand clamping over the stars. The wall of darkness echoes outward rapidly, leaving a shadowy black halo to shroud Xitoccanemun in its wake.

The ring of darkness smashes into you, hammering you brutally as you are sent flying to the south!