Xathvier's Curios and Oddities

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Xathvier's Curios and Oddities
Province Therengia
Town Throne City
Map Ranik's Map 35
Owner Xathvier
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Cambrinth shops, Magic shops, Moon Mage shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Xathvier's Curios and Oddities]
Magnificent marble columns stretch toward a spacious ceiling area, their scalloped surfaces masked closer to the floor by numerous stacks of baubles and goods. Such is the density with which the shelves are packed that the various layers are exposed like the side of a cliff, giving clues through the strata as to the time each item has lain untouched. You also see a marble counter, a large stone archway carved to appear like the gaping maw of some hideous sea beast, a marble pedestal with a catalog on it, and the assistant clerk Bhothfin.

Note: You may be able to haggle for lower prices depending on your Charisma.

Page 1 - Enchanter's Burins -- Necessities for the Enchanting Moon Mage
Item Price Done
Ivory burin - for the master Enchanter 30,000   
Oak-handled burin - crafted with expertise. 28,000   
Bronze burin - durable but not as delicate. 22,000   
Wooden burin - for the beginner. 15,000   
Page 2 - Sigil Scrolls -- Pre-scribed of the finest quality and stored rolled up for extra shelf life
Item Price Done
Nightingale sigil scroll - scribed with care for three uses 22,200   !!
Wren sigil scroll - scribed with care for three uses 18,200   !!
Durgaulda sigil scroll - scribed with care for five uses. 56,200   !!
Page 3 - Blank Scrolls -- Premium materials
Item Price Done
Vellum scroll - the workhorse of the modern enchanter (8 uses). 10,200   
Onionskin scroll - for low usage projects (5 uses). 7,000   
Velvet scroll - for projects that require a master's touch (10 uses). 12,000   
Papyrus scroll - a high quality but fragile material (1 use). 9,400   
Leather scroll - for a truly durable material (20 uses). 11,000   
Page 4 - Magical Sundries -- Assorted goods for the serious Enchanter
Item Price Done
Ju'ladan Oil - Excellent for oiling stones. 2,500   
Cambrinth Ring - Handy tool for adding an extra boost to your spells. 3,000   
Copper Ring - A much better choice than enchanting leaves and crossbow bolts! These are NOT Pre-Imbued. 125   
White Skaefarees Oil - Good quality magical dye. 2,500   !!
Black Skaefarees Oil - Good quality magical dye. 2,500   !!