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A kudalata is a melee-range Heavy Edged metal weaponsmithing template.

It is a 05- Basic template, uses 7 volumes of metal, and is covered by the Advanced Bladed Weapon Design technique.

It is 8 by 1 by 1 spans.

A forged kudalata is identical in performance to a forged arzfilt and is a S'kra Mur
"skra mur style" is not in the list of possible values (alchemy, atmo, cambrinth, casts spell, celestial jewelry, chakrel, clothing, container, creation, drink, enchanting, engineering, food, gaethzen, gives light, hiding, hood, housing, instrument, forging, jewelry, lock, magic, material, misc, outfitting, smoking, tack, toy, trainer, verby, writing, foraged, feature, stacking, Dwarf style, Elf style, Elothean style, Gnome style, Gor'Tog style, Halfling style, Human style, Kaldar style, Prydaen style, Rakash style, S'kra Mur style, Barbarian style, Bard style, Cleric style, Empath style, Moon Mage style, Necromancer style, Paladin style, Ranger style, Thief style, Trader style, Warrior Mage style, horse, enchanted, magical tattoo) for this property.
styled weapon.

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