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Outdated Item
  • This item is outdated, which means that it has missed one of the last four appraisal changes (1) (2) (3) (4).
  • Please see Category:Outdated Items for more articles that are outdated.

darkstone Tongue-of-Huldah spear
Look: Painted with indigo streaks over black, the bladed portion is made of a long, twisting metal tine and four shorter ones.
Type: Polearms
Puncture: mighty (17/28)
Slice: somewhat fair (4/28)
Impact: somewhat moderate (6/28)
Force of Impact: Unknown
Balance: decently (6/17)
Suitedness: soundly (8/17)
Construction: highly protected (13/18)
Metal: Yes
Weight: 75 stones
Appraised Cost: 987,493 Kronars
789,994.4 Lirums
712,574.949 Dokoras
987.493 LTBpoints
987.493 Tickets
987.493 Scrips
Dimensions: ? length x ? width x ? height
Sources: Source is Huldah Shrine prizes 421, Huldah Shrine prizes 410, Huldah Shrine prizes 406