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Far from the simple facepaint of carnivals and elves, warpainting is the art of adding a screaming exclamation point to a Barbarian's visage.

Warpaint comes in several grades of paint sticks, ranging from basic warpaint (cylinder), up through Savage (cone), Berserker (cube), and Plunderer (brick). Basic warpaint is purely for show, Savage and Berserker have some but not all of the commands, and Plunderer has all of the commands.

If you have enough skill, when others look at you while wearing warpaint they will see, "Gasp! You glance at <your name> and avert your eyes, unsure of your worthiness to gaze upon (his/her) visage." You will see a message that someone looked at you.


War paint was available from Osgeth, however he has only been seen selling war paint rarely. War paint is also available in the Barbarian only shop, Kvaren's, in the Hibarnhvidar Barbarian guild.



  • STUDY PAINTSTICK - This will display the options for paintsticks.
  • APPLY PAINTSTICK - This will apply the war paint using the currently selected pattern and location.
  • TURN PAINTSTICK - This will rotate through the various patterns that can be done.
  • RUB PAINTSTICK - This will rotate through the various body parts that can be painted.
  • APPLY PAINTSTICK TO <person> - This will apply the war paint to another person, using the currently selected pattern and location.
  • APPLY PAINTSTICK TO <helpless person> - This will add a mark of shame, in the form of a handprint, or if one is held in the left hand, a stamp image.
  • PUSH PAINTSTICK1 WITH PAINTSTICK2 - This will combine the paintsticks.


The Expertise skill, as well as currently unstated stats, are involved in not only determining whether the painting is successful, but also the quality of the painting.

No more than two sticks of the same grade of war paint may be mixed with the other, however this will not increase its amount, and will produce a stick with the color of "<color 1> and <color 2>" rather than a true blending of color.

War paint may be applied to others, and may be more beneficial this way if an older Barbarian paints a younger one. However, war paint may also be applied to non-Barbarians, though in this case, it is simply for show, regardless of the grade of paint.

War paint can be applied to a helpless (unconcious) target as a mark of shame, normally resulting in handprint in the color used. However, if a forging stamp or war paint stamp is held in the other hand, the image will be that of the stamp.

War paint will eventually fade over time, though use will speed this up.

Sometimes you will get a bonus just from applying your paintstick, such as a Charisma bonus. Once the bonus wears off, so does your warpaint.
The warpaint location fires you with confidence!
You smear your face and torso with warpaint.
Roundtime: 10 sec.

Body Locations

By rubbing a painstick it will cycle through the following body part locations to paint.
Right cheek
Left cheek
Face and neck
Face and torso
Face and arms
Face and legs
Face, arms, and legs


By turning a painstick it will cycle through the following designs to paint.
Horizontal lines
Vertical lines
Diagonal lines
Crisscrossing lines
Broad swaths
Solid areas
Random patterns
A handprint
Geometric patterns
Concentric circles
A footprint
Claw marks
A sword in a clenched fist
An open hand above a clenched gauntlet
An eyeball skewered by a thin dagger
A dragon soaring over a worn mountain range
A hooded figure holding aloft a large bowl
A snarling wolf
Patterns of spattered blood
A skull
A broken tower
An unbalanced scale
Crossed swords
A burning breastplate
A two-fisted battle axe
A pair of eyes and a recurved bow
A curving iltesh
Stylized warriors in ritual combat
A stylized swan
A stylized cobra
A stylized badger
A stylized eagle
A stylized bear
A stylized wolverine
A stylized panther
A stylized dragon
A stylized raven
A stylized wild boar
A stylized wild centaur
A stylized black widow spider
A stylized lion
A stylized mongoose
A stylized scorpion


There are four verbs that directly interact with the worn warpaint, each of which will fade the war paint somewhat. Their availability is based on the grade of paint used.

  • SCREAM WARPAINT - Boosts intimidation for next roar
Your eyes flare and your face contorts to emphasize your warpaint.
  • MEDITATE WARPAINT - Boosts Discipline (+10 max) and Concentration (Approx 60 seconds)
You focus your mind on your warpaint, girding yourself with it like armor.
  • CONCENTRATE WARPAINT - Boosts resistance to Fear attacks.
You concentrate on the patterns of your warpaint, steeling your mind and body against fear.
  • STARE WARPAINT - Boosts Charisma (+10 max) NOTE: BERSERK CYCLONE overwrites this bonus. They are NOT additive.
You envision your warpaint in your mind. Using that vision, you flex your muscles and adjust your posture to impressive effect.
  • REMOVE WARPAINT - Removes some of your warpaint. You may need to repeat to remove it all.

There is a cooldown period between each use, and between the charisma boost and intimidation boost. You may receive the message "You can't find that sort of inspiration from your warpaint right now." if you have gained no effect, or if you are on the border and have reduced effect, "That did not feel as inspiring as you had hoped."

In addition, a Barbarian wearing war paint may evoke a fear reaction from people when they are LOOKed at.



This oily semi-solid mass of paint is roughly formed into a cylinder.

ItemSource isRare itemIs incomplete
Black paintstick (basic)Osgeth's (4)Osgeth's (3)Osgeth's (1)true
Blue paintstick (basic)Osgeth's (4)Osgeth's (3)Osgeth's (1)true
Item:Black paintstick (basic)true
Item:Blue paintstick (basic)true
Item:Red paintstick (basic)true
Item:White paintstick (basic)true
Item:Yellow paintstick (basic)true
Red paintstick (basic)Osgeth's (4)Osgeth's (3)Osgeth's (1)true
White paintstick (basic)Osgeth's (4)Osgeth's (3)Osgeth's (1)true
Yellow paintstick (basic)Osgeth's (4)Osgeth's (3)Osgeth's (1)true


This oily semi-solid mass of paint is roughly formed into a cone.

ItemSource isRare itemIs incomplete
Black paintstick (savage)Osgeth's (4)Osgeth's (3)Osgeth's (1)true
Blue paintstick (savage)Osgeth's (4)Osgeth's (3)Osgeth's (1)true
Brown paintstickOsgeth's (4)Osgeth's (3)Osgeth's (1)true
Green paintstick (savage)Osgeth's (4)Osgeth's (3)Osgeth's (1)true
Indigo paintstickOsgeth's (4)Osgeth's (3)Osgeth's (1)Item:Leather backpack with iron-reinforcements and bearing the Barbarian Guild cresttrue
Item:Black paintstick (savage)true
Item:Blue paintstick (savage)true
Item:Brown paintstick (savage)true
Item:Green paintstick (savage)true
Item:Indigo paintstick (savage)true
... further results


This oily semi-solid mass of paint is roughly formed into a cube.

ItemSource isRare itemIs incomplete
Beige paintstickOsgeth's (4)Osgeth's (3)Osgeth's (1)Item:Leather backpack with iron-reinforcements and bearing the Barbarian Guild cresttrue
Black paintstick (berserker)Osgeth's (4)Osgeth's (3)Osgeth's (1)true
Blue paintstick (berserker)Osgeth's (4)Osgeth's (3)Osgeth's (1)true
Crimson paintstick (berserker)Osgeth's (4)Osgeth's (3)Osgeth's (1)true
Gold paintstick (berserker)Osgeth's (4)Osgeth's (3)Osgeth's (1)true
Grey paintstick (berserker)Osgeth's (4)Osgeth's (3)Osgeth's (1)true
Item:Beige paintsticktrue
Item:Black paintstick (berserker)true
Item:Blue paintstick (berserker)true
Item:Crimson paintstick (berserker)true
... further results


This oily semi-solid mass of paint is roughly formed into a small brick.

ItemSource isRare itemIs incomplete
Amaranthine paintstickHumanist (3)
Argent paintstickHumanist (3)
Black paintstick (plunderer)Osgeth's (4)Osgeth's (3)Osgeth's (1)true
Blue paintstick (plunderer)Osgeth's (4)Osgeth's (3)Osgeth's (1)true
Bronze paintstickOsgeth's (4)Osgeth's (3)Osgeth's (1)Kvaren'strue
Carmine paintstickItem:Knarn fur harness with heavy bronze bucklestrue
Cerise paintstickHumanist (3)true
Cerulean paintstickHumanist (3)true
Chicken yellow paintstickItem:Kau leather harness with thick diacan bucklestrue
Cinerious paintstickHumanist (3)true
... further results

Custom warpaint

A few Barbarians have managed to acquire custom war paint kits since it has been released. These kits produce war paint that is equal to or better than the best store-bought paintsticks, with extreme resistance to fading through use or time passage. This is counterbalanced by several limitations, such as the inability to be applied to anyone else, through any means, and the 60 second RT application time. The kits originally came with 200 applications, though prior to his leaving, GameMaster Iayn indicated that from time to time refills would be made available from Osgeth at a very dear price.


War paint cannot be worn with a forehead gem or face paint.
Feature hiding items will hide war paint, and though it can still be used and will not reduce any bonuses, it will prevent the fear reaction when being looked at.
Upon being arrested, the guards will throw water on the character, removing the paint.

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