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A warhorn is a signalling tool that has special uses for Bards and Barbarians.

The signalling functions extend to several rooms, and both Bards and Barbarians have an extended range.

There are at least three grades of warhorns.

The simplest has the shortest range of alert functions, and will not function with the special Barbarian/Bard options.
The second is apparently designed to be the standard item.
The highest grade is so far only obtainable from auctions, though little information has been gained about how they are enhanced over normal ones.

The GMs have commented that the Barbarian/Bard options are not meant to be full blown guild abilities, just useful additions.

Standard Uses

  • STUDY WARHORN: Looking closely at the warhorn, you believe you can EXHALE through it to sound several types of calls. An ALERT, RALLY or MARCH will signal nearby adventurers of your presence. As a Barbarian you can also LURE enemies to your location in a challenging call of battle. As a Bard you can also WARN enemies away from your location for a time.
  • EXHALE WARHORN ALERT: You sound several shrill blasts from the warhorn in hopes that anyone nearby is alerted to your presence.
  • EXHALE WARHORN RALLY: You strongly exhale a group of deep tones from your warhorn, signaling anyone nearby to rally at this location.
  • EXHALE WARHORN MARCH: A repetitive beat echoing with ardent marching tones erupts from your warhorn, signaling anyone nearby to your approach.

Guild Uses


  • EXHALE WARHORN LURE (Barbarian only): You sound a series of bursts from the warhorn, attempting to lure anything within earshot to your location.
Increases the spawn of local creatures for a time, by diverting nearby rooms spawn to yours. It is unknown whether this actually decreases the surrounding areas spawn.


  • EXHALE WARHORN WARN (Bard only): You sound a fierce call of warning in an attempt at scaring away anything nearby with malicious intentions.
Decreases the spawn of local creatures for a time.


Agonite warhorn shaped into a snarling wolf's head
Battle-scarred oak warhorn etched with a faded image
Bone warhorn with crimson-stained etchings
Brass warhorn embossed with flames
Brass warhorn inlaid with miniature onyx war hammers
Bright yellow warhorn painted with a pair of crossed swords
Clear crystal warhorn capped with a gold mouthpiece
Curved mistwood warhorn trimmed with electrum
Curved mistwood warhorn trimmed with orichalcum
Delicate breccia warhorn embellished with bands of copper
... further results

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