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Vorclaf Lasa'Sorvendig
Status: Alive
Guild: Paladin
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Location: Ulf'hara Keep
Relatives: Belirendrick III, Selan, Arilana, Inavia, Belirendrick IV

Prince of Zoluren (364 AV - present). Preceeded by his cousin Sirolarn.


Born 335 AV. Only son of Prince Belirendrick III and wife, Lady Selan Weyato.

In 360 AV his father Belirendrick III was assassinated. With the assistance of his mother's relatives, Vorclaf fled to Therengia and remained in hiding while an investigation took place into the murder.

In 364 AV with the assistance and support of the Therengia, assumed the throne after executing his cousin Sirolarn for the murder of his father.

In 374 AV recalled and appointed new command for the Zoluren militia to combat the growing threat from various 'evil' forces allying against the Realm.

In 382 AV Vorclaf married Princess Arilana of Andreshlew.

In 391 AV the Princess Arilana gave birth to fraternal twins. The older Princess Inavia, named for Arilana's mother. Followed by a boy, Prince Belirendrick IV, named for Vorclaf's father. When asked, Princess Arilana replied that both children resemble their father.

In the fall of 392 during a relative time of peace by Prince Vorclaf's decree, General Zukir disbanded and retired those remaining 'official' militias and active members as having served Zoluren with honor.

In 394 AV during the summer and early fall, Vorclaf received visions from the immortal Meraud used to fight the undead scourge Lyras and her thrall.

Death of father, ascent to throne

In 360 AV, Prince Belirendrick III was killed under mysterious circumstances during Grand Ball at DiSilveron Manor. Vorclaf disappeared after this. In his absence, Vorclaf's cousin Sirolarn was named Regent and subsequently appointed himself Prince.

Later, during the conclusion of Sorrow's war, Vorclaf returned to Zoluren with Baron Jeladric IV's army from Therengia.

A delegation from Dirge was sent to Ulf'Hara Keep to negotiate with Sirolarn. He killed a member of the delegation and then fled south, but was captured before reaching the gondola. Sirolarn was subsequently executed and had his head placed on a pike outside the East Gate of Crossings.

Vorclaf eventually had his coronation on (Oct 26 2003) in Ulf'Hara Keep.

Major events and actions taken during reign

Fended off Molphant and Midjure's attempt to take throne. Later forgave those who were duped by Midjure into assisting with the plot, amongst them Pureblade, Toren, Lealia and Viptorian.

Thrill-killed by the Moon Mage Rumet.

Fought Outcasts.

Members of Royal Court

Royal Family

Consort: Arilana
Children: Twins Belirendrick IV, Inavia
Uncle: Ereic Weyato
Cousins: Edwuyan Weyato, Isleif Dunshade, Lindryl, Keresyk

Courtiers & Military

Employed at various points: Tirtogren, Baliff Quillak, Herald Renshuel, Baliff Aileeni, Inquisitor Anamir, Questioner Renshil, Chavar, Chancellor Charave
Military: Kaith Khalor Kaovales, Brigidier General Zukir, Provincial Guard Pohofa, Captain Owaen of the Zoluren Lancers, Opreina Moracul Zoranyl, Fleet Commander Chellene, Captain Caibre, Captain Zoryl.

In addition, there were several official positions held by Player Characters. The player-run militia has since been disbanded.

It was rumored at one point that he was romantically involved with Jorta. Before the DiSilveron Ball, had said that he intended to court Matuinya, who was already engaged to Maximillien.


Appearance in 394 with Meraud's blessing:
Vorclaf has crystal green eyes. His auburn hair is shoulder length and thick, and is worn in a simple, loose style. He has tanned skin. Faint glimmers of flickering ethereal light fade in and out of focus around his face, the ghostly-white glow briefly forming the anemic visage of a pale, snarling wolf.
He is venerable for a Human.
He is in good shape.

He is holding a gleaming blue-steel longsword etched with the crest of Sorvendig in his right hand.

He is wearing a polished steel helm capped by a thin silver crown, a kyanite gwethdesuan, a jadeite gwethdesuan, a quilted leather doublet, some polished full plate armor inlaid with a silver and lapis lazuli gladiolus, a simple tower shield, some sturdy mail gloves, a braided animite tri-band ring set with a snow-white gladiolus between two small moon pearls, a pale leather belt sheath, some oiled leather pants and some scuffed leather field boots.

Appearance in 391 at the Twilight Ball:

You see Prince Vorclaf Lasa'Sorvendig, Ruler of Zoluren, a Human.
Vorclaf has crystal green eyes. His auburn hair is shoulder length and thick, and is worn in a simple, loose style. He has tanned skin.
He is venerable for a Human.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a platinum and crimson velvet crown with bejewelled arches set with a brilliant-cut diamond, a Twilight gladiolus boutonniere accented with a small violet ribbon, a full-sleeved twilight blue silk shirt, a braided animite tri-band ring set with a snow-white gladiolus between two small moon pearls, a pair of brushed silk trousers in a shade of palest blue and some pale blue leather dress shoes.

You see Vorclaf Lasa'Sorvendig, a Human Paladin.
He has crystal green eyes, shoulder length thick auburn hair that is tied back, and tanned skin.
He is middle-aged for a Human.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing an azure-scaled poloh'izh hide cloak, some glossy black boots, a cream colored silk shirt laced loosely at the throat with black ribbon, a wide burgundy sash of rich velvet stitched with golden embroidery along the hem, a jadeite gwethdesuan, a white silken weeper bearing the royal crest of Sorvendig, a thin platinum coronet, a pair of plain black trousers, a silver amulet, some gleaming silver white plate with the Gladiolus of Zoluren embossed across the front, a spidersilk hip pouch and a polished great helm with gold marbling and animite insets.

Trading Card

Vorclaf Sorvendig is the son of Prince Belirendrick Sorvendig and Princess Selan. When he was 25, his father was assassinated by his cousin, Sirolarn. Fearing his cousin might then kill him, Vorclaf fled Zoluren to seek asylum in the north. During the Sorrow War, he returned to his homeland, and with the support of the Therengian Baron, claimed the throne of Zoluren.