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Status: Dead
Aliases: the Giant
Race: Gor'Tog
Gender: Male
Associates: Lanival, Arhat, Shorka, Benjor

Military leader serving under Lanival. Shorka served under him. Greatest victory was at Battle of Segoltha River, where he cornered and destroyed S'kra war party. Close friends with Arhat. Had a large doublebladed axe named Skullcleaver, which he was given by Dwarven King Hexoch. Lanival borrowed it to kill Teiro. The axe was lost after Uthmor's death, one week before Arhat's death in 204 BV.

Large even when young, was a slave. Freed at ten years of age (237 BL) and trained by Lorethew Benjor, a councilor of Lanival.

Hibarnhvidar Statue

Found in the Gor'Tog district:

With a determined look on his noble face, Uthmor holds his enormous axe high and pointed forward as if leading his troops in a charge.