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Currently playing Uzmam on Platinum.

Need/Greed List for Plat Quest Runs

Instead of trying to follow threads in the Plat forums, I'll try to make the lists here. That way, people who went on the run can just add what they want to the tables themselves as opposed to wait for me/hope I get it right. After each item list, just add your name to the proper column if you want it.

May 3, 2012 (Tower)

item need greed delivered
long steel rod crowned with a hammer-shaped brass striker
long brass chime engraved with a large letter "E" at one end
articulated statuette crafted to resemble a death spirit wielding a huge scythe
tooled leather backsheath shaped like a tall tower
cambrinth bracelet inlaid with golden flames
white wool gloves
hip scarf of emerald green silk fringed with tiny seed pearls and bells
small gaethzen sphere mounted on a tower-shaped base
scorched leather weapon harness
pair of silver filigree cage earrings
silver wolf's head pendant
steel-grey shirt with blue agate cufflinks
scorched leather forging apron with worn pockets along the front
gem-encrusted golden goblet
delicate platinum diadem holding a central carved amethyst
rugged leather thigh pouch branded with a detailed crest
huge brass disk covered in ornate enameling depicting the phases of Xibar
tan suede pants with fringe along the outer seams
dark grey riding boots with tiny silver spurs
colorful wool longcoat woven with a variety of geometric designs
huge brass disk covered in ornate enameling depicting the phases of Katamba
oak-hafted cudgel banded with steel rings
gleaming silver scimitar with a braided leather hilt
spiraling flamewood parry stick
copperwood crossbow inlaid with coral along the stock
double-bladed war axe with a carved ironwood haft
Dwarven hammer with a spiked head
aged leathers bearing the crest of Akigwe Tower
chain shirt with links that form an axe design along the front
brush silver tower shield etched with the image of twin crossed battle axes