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Raises stuff, obviously, now move along.

About the player:

I try to be a good guy IRL and generally play my characters the same way. Try to help others when I can and try to avoid being an ass-clown with my higher level toons, though when people talk stupid on the gweth they do get smashed... and dropping glass orbs in various places around town is fun -ON OCCASION-, that is not something I do regularly just because I can see how people get frustrated and annoyed by it.
I played DR in '96, before the move from AoL (when I was 16), when it moved I quit playing until 2001ish. Played pretty hardcore up through 2004/2005 then quit again until 2009 or so, played for a month or something then sold off my original character and quit again. Came back in 2012 and tried to get back my original barb but that didn't happen but I've been pretty happy with the cleric ever since and play every day.

None of my characters are bought, they're all home-grown except for the 86 Empath, that was a friend's that quit playing years ago.

Active Characters

  • 190+ Cleric
  • 150+ Barb
  • Started a new empath late November 2017, wanted to see how it was in the 3.1 world.

Inactive Characters

  • 160+ Necro
  • 80+ warmie
  • 40+ ranger
  • 86+ Empath