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Unorina Isderuos
Status: Alive
Race: Kaldar
Gender: Female
Type: Alterer, Merchant
Associates: Belladzia, Gabra Nihomakan

Unorina works ONLY on Kaldar related and/or themed items and works EXCLUSIVELY with fellow members of the Kaldar race. She will sometimes make special exceptions for Gnomes.

She specializes in icesilk and may be the only alterer to work with it.


You see Unorina Isderuos, a Kaldar.
Unorina has hazel eyes. Her russet hair is very long and thick, and is worn braided. She has tanned skin.
She is young for a Kaldar.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing an iridescent amethyst icesilk sochi bejeweled with a lilac diamond, some white satin slippers and a polished golden badge.