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Unorina Isderuos
Status: Alive
Race: Kaldar
Gender: Female
Type: Alterer, Merchant
Associates: Belladzia, Gabra Nihomakan

Unorina works ONLY on Kaldar related and/or themed items and works EXCLUSIVELY with fellow members of the Kaldar race. She will sometimes make special exceptions for Gnomes.

She specializes in ice-silk. (She might be the only alterer to work with this material, I'm not sure).


You see Unorina Isderuos, a Kaldar.
Unorina has hazel eyes. Her russet hair is very long and thick, and is worn braided. She has tanned skin.
She is young for a Kaldar.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing an iridescent amethyst icesilk sochi bejeweled with a lilac diamond, some white satin slippers and a polished golden badge.