Two Doors Down (2)

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Two Doors Down
Event Hollow Eve Festival 447
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Housing shops
This store only accepts Kronars
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[Two Doors Down, Salesroom]
Pale cream walls are trimmed with matching painted baseboards and crown molding, giving a subtle warmth to the shop. That radiance is enhanced by the oil lamps hanging from the ceiling. The expensive merchandise is displayed on hinged mounts, allowing purchasers to examine each offering on both sides.
You also see a pale cream painted door and a sales clerk.
Obvious exits: none.

Item Price Done
stark kuwinite door with an enameled knocker - [door] 7,200,000   
birchwood door inlaid with green gold - [door] 2,000,000   
silversteel-covered door polished to a mirror finish - [door] 12,000,000   
ebony door inlaid with an orichalcum dragon - [door] 1,000,000   
zingana door with zebra-shaped door knocker - [door] 14,000,000   
smokewood door with icesteel hinges - [door] 95,000,000   
tamboti door with niello inlay - [door] 95,000,000   
iroko door with a demon's head door knocker - [door] 122,000,000   
gloomwood door with wrought iron banding - [door] 1,500,000   
polished glitvire door with brass fittings - [door] 84,000,000   
lacquered dragonwood door with a bronze knocker - [door] 3,000,000   
polished adderwood door inlaid with narrow birch bordering lines - [door] 2,000,000   
plain bogbirch door with a simple iron knocker - [door] 7,200,000   
smooth ribbon-stripe door with pewter fittings - [door] 150,000   
dull windsteel door with a matching doorknob - [door] 4,000,000   
somber ebony door with silversteel fittings - [door] 500,000   
matte asini door fitted with matching hinges - [door] 2,500,000   
ornate walnut door carved with flying dragons - [door] 150,000   
goldenglow glaes door engraved with a stylized sunburst - [door] 38,000,000