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As a random occurrence in the Taisidon MegaSafari 413, Taisidon Safari 417 & Taisidon Safari 420 events, a treasure creature will spawn in or near the village area. These all will work under boss mechanics for combat, and are relatively simple opponents, however in order to take advantage of the treasure sack the creature will drop, you must interact with the creature at least once while it is alive. The interaction can be a combat melee attack, combat ranged attack, combat spell attack or a non-damaging spell attack (such as Lethargy by empaths). Also have the ability to heal. Different variations can include:

  • a treasure orc
  • an angry treasure goblin
  • a hulking treasure giant
  • a treasure golem
  • a savage treasure troll

It does not appear as if the different variations drop different loot. Instead, like with the MegaSafari 413 Game Prizes for the various games, the Treasure Creatures have a loot pool of their own. Once the creature is dead, GET SACK to grab a prize.


Prizes appear to be the same for both the MegaSafari & Safari 417 events:

Note: Jump jewelry from the first MegaSafari 413 run were permanent and rechargeable by Moon Mages, while jump jewelry found on other safaris such as ones in 417 were limited and non-rechargeable.

Added in 417

Added in 420