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Items on this page were previously found in this shop but are no longer available.

On a mistwood vanity
Item Price Done
white leather mask shaped into a butterfly with jeweled wings 74,127   No
On the wooden hand
Item Price Done
albredine crystal ring 17,500   
On a silver ring tree
Item Price Done
colorless albredine ring 10,000   
On a tier-shelved table
Item Price Done
roughly hewn pine display case 5,000   !!
polished oak display case with brass accents 10,000   !!
ebony display case with cloisonne butterflies along the edges 20,000   !!
ironwood display case with an intaglio amber wolf 20,000   
mahogany gem case with a etched glass cover 50,000   !!
mistwood gem display case with gold leaf accents 50,000   
basswood display case with fae carved along the sides 90,000   !!
bloodwood display case with wraiths burnt into the sides 100,000   !!
intricately carved wiirwood display case with a dusky grey silk lining 150,000   !!
dragonwood display case with a firesilk lining 150,000   !!
On a polished silver cart
Item Price Done
dark azurite ring 8,000   No
circular fan with a wooden handle inlaid with sky-blue imnera 9,000   
small wooden rake with a handle inlaid with dark asketine 10,150   
gold necklace supporting a sphere of misty grey quartz 27,000   No
silver brooch in the shape of a shield inlaid with hafaltu 35,371   No
silver necklace set with a clear cabochon crystal 35,371   
small sphere of delicate blue glass 35,371   No
silver rimmed spectacles with blue tinted lenses 100   
Items on cart rotate.