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A repository for Trader guild changes for DragonRealms 3.0.

Traders are not slated to have any significant changes due to 3.0.

Speculate Coin

It now runs through a central "special attack" utility. All the math that determines whether you hit something or not is done by this utility rather than being custom figured. You may find you are more/less effective than before, though that stands as a general issue in X3.

The ability is still based primarily on your Light Thrown skill. Trading, to a much lesser extent, can influence the ability.

You can still target players or creatures. It will now default to whatever you're facing (or auto-face the next if you're not currently facing anything) if you don't specify a target. You can also specify a target if you want:

The ability now has a base roundtime of 6 seconds, which at the lower end is longer than some of the stuns. This RT can be reduced to 1 by raising your skill.

There's a small timer between uses so that you can't spam it. This existed before, but has been reduced.

A single target can only be stunned 3 times by this ability within a set time period. It's not 3 stuns per trader, it's 3 stuns period.

Griefing won't be tolerated. You CAN be blocked from using the ability if you abuse it.

Circle Requirements

Trading and Appraisal are hard reqs.
1st Armor2333410
2nd Armor122338
1st Weapon122338
1st Survival3344513
2nd Survival2334410
3rd Survival2334410
4th Survival1223410
5th Survival122338
6th Survival111225
1st Lore3344513
2nd Lore2334410
3rd Lore2234410

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