Trabe Chalice

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Trader thumb.jpgTrader Guild

Trabe Chalice
Abbreviation: TRC
Prerequisites: none
Signature: No
Spell Slots: 1
Ward Slots: This spell uses 1 ward slot when cast by Traders, 2 ward slots for everyone else.
Mana Type: Lunar Magic
Spell Type: standard / warding
Difficulty: intro
Prep (min/max): 1 / 100
Skill Range (min/max): 0 / 400
Valid Spell Target: Self
Duration (min/max): 10 minutes / 40 minutes
Justice: no
Corruption: no
Description: The fabrication of Trabe crystals from light is a craft which had been squandered and forgotten by all, now restored by Arbiter in Darkness. This knowledge did not avail the lost tribe of crystal shapers, but we shall never know the truth of that tale. The Chalice offers superb protection against piercing and slicing attacks, but not any force of impact. Therefore, certain foes could smash through it like so much glasswork. The spell pattern, especially when well integrated, is capable of self-repair over time.
Effect: Damage reduction: Slicing and Puncture protection. Ablative barrier. Impact damage can shatter it temporarily. Vitality barrier.
Example Messaging: Clear blue light falls about you in the contours of an upended cup.
Devices/Tattoos: No devices or tattoos documented.


  • Can be RELEASED if the ward is undamaged
  • Replace casts will only repair the barrier if the Chalice has broken down or if the new Chalice is stronger. The duration will be refreshed regardless, however.
  • Requires unobscured starlight, an unobscured bright moon (Xibar or Yavash), or Starlight Aura.
  • While Enrichment is active, Trabe Chalice will become resistant to impact damage as well.
  • Chalice integrity levels, from highest to lowest:

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