Town and Country (2)

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Town and Country
Event Hollow Eve Festival 403, Hollow Eve Festival 406, Hollow Eve Festival 410, Hollow Eve Festival 414, Hollow Eve Festival 417
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Housing shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Town and Country, Autumn Room]
Potted ferns and plush moss-green rugs are scattered across the floor, and leaf-batiked bronze and gold fabrics drape the walls to soften and disguise the metal beneath. Wrought-iron lanterns hang over displays variously shaped like a house, a tree, a door and a knoll, illuminating the wares and spreading warmth throughout the room. You also see a sign and a pale red door bearing a wreath of colorful dried flowers.
Obvious exits: none.

A sign reads:

"Each display holds exterior additions for the
specific type of home it resembles.  For example,
the house-shaped display holds additions for
freestanding type homes.  You may LOOK at each
item to see how they will appear on your home.
Thank you!"
On the house-shaped display
Item Price Done
blooming helenium 12,628   !!
leaf piles 12,628   
bushel baskets 12,628   !!
goose pinwheel 12,628   !!
autumn-hued chrysanthemums 12,628   
large pumpkin 12,628   !!
sheaf of drying cornstalks 12,628   !!
heart-shaped wreath 12,628   !!
wheat sheaves 12,628   !!
straw broom 12,628   !!
On the knoll-shaped display
Item Price Done
firewood 12,628   !!
ripening maize 12,628   !!
ripening pumpkins 12,628   !!
ripening sunflowers 12,628   !!
fallen leaves 12,628   !!
On the tree-shaped display
Item Price Done
fake hanged body 12,628   !!
white moss 12,628   !!
pinecone birdfeeder 12,628   !!
murder of crows 12,628   !!
gourd windchime 12,628   !!
On the door-shaped display
Item Price Done
trio of corn ears 12,628   !!
harvest wreath 12,628   !!
autumnal wreath 12,628   
dark stains 12,628   !!
carved pumpkin mat 12,628   !!