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Friend of Divyaush is a title in the Special Category.



I was power walking about town and ran into Heartsfyre on the Green. She was sitting with a dwarven fellow by the name of Chris. I had heard rumor of this man as being some master craftsman, so I stopped to say hello. I was cheerfully greeted by Chris and presented with an ebony welkin bead. We sat on the Green for a while chatting while Chris folded origami, hummed songs, carved beads, and played the lyre. I tried to learn about Chris' past and family, but he did not seem to give answers of much substance. He also seemed very unaware of his unusual talents concerning the lores. After a while he asked if there was any place to get some milk or cream so we got ready to head to Arthe Dale. Before we got there we ran into Ambassador Urwin from Theren who seemingly had met Chris previously in the north. We went to Arthe Dale and got some milk and bread, also met a very friendly dairy cow. We eventually wandered back to the Town Green. There was a broken rune there and Chris picked it up, held it tightly, and turned it into a brand new avaes rune. When I asked how he did that he just said that it had gotten loose. During our conversation we were able to determine that Chris is waiting for "it" to get here. When he referred to "it" he glanced at the sky. We were unable to get any more information about what "it" was. He seemed to think that the more gifts were given out the closer "it" got to us.

Later it was discovered that “it” was a celestial body in the sky named Chris’ Mass. Chris had been an emissary of Divyaush, looking for people across Elanthia that were kind to each other for no other reason than to be so. Those of us that had met Chris were gifted with various titles in dedication to Divyaush. The arrival of Chris’ Mass in the sky also kicked off the Jeolanu Fest in Leth. ~Cyiarriah

"Fest" is the Jeolandu Festival 389 (also known as Chris' Mass)