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Tinkering is a discipline of the Engineering skill.

The Tinkering discipline involves the creation of objects that make use of gears or other mechanisms.


The first step to make an item is to scrape prepared lumber with a drawknife. Then continue carving with a carving knife until an adjustment should be made with Tinker's tools, pushing with clamps, pulling with pliers, or assembling with a mechanism or bowstring. To finish a tinkered item, apply some wood stain to it to protect it.


See Tinkering techniques.


Tinkered items are made with wood, and also metal mechanisms made on a gear press. The ductility stat of the metal used to make the mechanism is relevant for crossbows; higher ductility increases balance while low ductility increases suitedness at the cost of balance.

For a detailed list of materials and stats, see the crafting materials page for wood.


For a detailed list of products and stats, see the Tinkering products page.


Wood materials of low quality and decent enough price can be conveniently obtained from an engineering society shop, or materials of a wider variety and higher quality can be obtained through the laborious process of lumberjacking.

  • The hardness of the wood affects the finished item's durability.
  • The stiffness will affect...
  • The physical resistance will affect...
  • The shortbow/longbow/composite bow affinity of the wood determines the best type of crossbow to make with it: light crossbows use composite bow affinty, heavy crossbows use longbow affinity, and arbalests use short bow affinity. Higher affinity contributes to increased balance and attack power. The higher the affinity, the higher balance and attack power is possible.
  • Each wood-type has a density that affects how much items crafted from it weigh.
  • Each wood-type has a value modifier that determines how much things created from it cost.
  • A wood's workability affects how much additional skill is necessary to craft items from it.

Wood purchased from a society building will be ready to use, but wood claimed from the wilds must be processed, first CUT wood with a woodcutter's saw and then CUT/SCRAPE wood with a drawknife. This will turn your stick/limb/etc into LUMBER, which can then be combined with other lumber of the same wood-type. To reduce the size of your lumber-stack, first MARK the lumber to the number of pieces you would like, then holding a pair of scissors, CUT your lumber WITH SCISSOR.


See Crafting tools for an in depth discussion of them.

Wood preparation:

Bolt shaft shaping:

Crossbow crafting:

Other tools

Item List

See Tinkering products.

Mechanism crafting

Crossbows and other tinkered items require assembling with a mechanism to function.

Mechanisms are made on a gear press with an ingot or nugget of at least 5 volume. 5 volumes of metal will result in 3 mechanisms. Knowledge of the tinkering technique advanced gearworking will occasionally produce additional mechanisms from each ingot. Gear presses work by pressing the metal through dies at high temperature; therefore they must be supplied with fuel before crafting can begin, and pliers should be used to avoid burning your hands.

Start by push fuel with a shovel a few times to get the fire going, and then hold pliers in one hand and push ingot/nugget with press to turn it into an unfinished mechanism. Continue pushing the unfinished mechanism with the press until complete.

Tinkered item repair

Sandpaper and stain.


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 -- You apply some glue to your bolts and affix each bolthead in place.