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The world of Elanthia has a rich and long history. As a result, several timelines have been produced in order to capture the chronology of significant events and the individuals that participated in them. Generally, each timeline has a particular focus or specialty.

GM Atrathien's Elanthian Timeline

This timeline, released by GM Atrathien at Simucon '98, is a fairly basic listing of significant events in Kermoria. There are a number of omissions (eg, the reigns of some Ferdahls) and it (naturally) does not mention any events subsequent to 1998.

GM Cadaya's Elanthian Timeline

Building off of Atrathien's timeline, GM Cadaya released this extensive timeline at Simucon 2001. It, too, is mostly focused on events taking place in Kermoria. Much more detailed and complete than Atrathien's version, this timeline diverges from its predecessor in how some events are dated. It's treatment of the politics of the Seven-Pointed Empire is extensive.

GM Cadaya's Albarian Timeline

Note: here on Elanthipedia, this timeline has been broken into two parts: Albarian Timeline and Albarian Timeline (Gorbesh Imperial Age)

Here, employing a style similar to his timeline of Kermoria, GM Cadaya describes the long history of the Albarian continent. It is of particular interest for those who wish to learn more about the Gorbesh and their interactions with the other peoples of the continent, including the Gnomes, Shaerek, and Ocular. It is particularly useful in understanding the conditions which led to the Gorbesh War.

GM Czarra's Dwarven Timeline

Note: Elanthipedia currently only has a copy of Part 2 of the timeline. Was Part 1 ever released? Does anybody have a copy?

This timeline, employing a more prose-like style than those of GM Cadaya, describes events central to the Dwarves of Kermoria. It's description of Forfedhdar, Adamantia, and Kwarlog (among other regions) was (and, to some degree, remains) unique because these regions were not explorable by player characters at the time.

Elanthipedia's Modern Timeline

Unlike the other timelines, which have been released by GMs primarily as background documents, the editors of the Elanthipedia have begun to assemble a new timeline focusing on events taking place in the game itself. Often, these events have involved player characters and have been extremely rich, detailed, and complicated events. Since the game world continues to develop, this timeline will need continual additions.

Simu's timeline of the Outcast War

This timeline provides a partial narrative of events which took place during the Outcast War.