Tildi's Flowers (1)

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Tildi's Flowers
Event Guildfest 405
Owner Tildi
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Florist shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Tildi's Flowers, Sale Room]
Layers of blue silk fall from a pointed ceiling to enclose the round tent, mostly camouflaging a sweeping curtain. A hanging shelf and a curved counter mirror each other from across the small space. Baskets dangling low from the ceiling on silken cords, near the entrance flap, threaten to ensnare the unwary. You also see a colorfully painted sign and a Tildi list.
Obvious exits: none.

In the colorful basket
Item Price Done
array of silk heart's-ease sprinkled with alexandrite dust 80,000   
tiny geshiloira flower the color of winter snow 80,000   
sprig of fairy fern crafted from fine silk 80,000   
silk Eluned's Tears blossom displaying a rich blue center 80,000   
silk dogwood flower dyed pale pink 80,000   
white silk cloudberry bloom surrounded by berries 80,000   
cluster of silk bloodflowers scattered with diamond dust 80,000   
deep purple silk almagarus blossom dusted with sapphire shards 80,000   
A small note reads:
"These flowers are all worn in the hair."
In the rainbow basket
Item Price Done
scarlet poppy crafted from silk 80,000   
single silk vanilla orchid atop a white gold vine 80,000   
bunch of white silk narcissus with bright yellow hearts 80,000   
sprig of silk mapha blossoms attached to a platinum vine 80,000   
delicate silk desert lily sprinkled with crystal dust 80,000   
spray of silk kelpbells affixed to a pale green stem 80,000   
night blooming jasmine crafted from reddish silk 80,000   
silk tendril of Elven ivy with a silver stem 80,000   
A small note reads:
"These flowers are all worn in the hair."
In the silver basket
Item Price Done
gold haircomb 10,000   No
white gold haircomb 10,000   No
silver haircomb 5,000   No
platinum haircomb 15,000   

more merchandise coming