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A repository for the Thief guild changes in DragonRealms 3.0.

Thieves are not slated to receive any significant changes.


Dampen has been changed to be a armor stealth hindrance reducer.


Lockpick carving will use Engineering ranks or Mechanical Lore ranks (whichever is higher). If you use Mech the actions will teach Locksmithing and Mech, otherwise it will only teach Locksmithing, until this part of crafting is actually converted to new crafting.

Eventually, all voice throws will be open to both Bards and Thieves.


  • Q: Are Khris getting converted to the Supernatural skillset?
A: Not for "DR3". It's an eventual goal, but Khri work really well as they are now, so there's not a high need to convert them to Supernatural before we release to "DR3".

Circle Requirements

Thievery and Stealth are Soft Reqs.

1st Armor222338
1st Weapon3344513
2nd Weapon1233410
1st Survival4455615
2nd Survival4445615
3rd Survival3445615
4th Survival3445615
5th Survival3444513
6th Survival2344513
7th Survival2334513
8th Survival122338
1st Lore1233410
2nd Lore122338
3rd Lore112238