Therengia hunting ladder

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Caution.png The rank ranges are provided by those players who have been kind enough to document their training experience. (Entries that lack rank data are alphabetized at the bottom of the list. These show up as 2,000-0 ranks.) This data may be outdated, as recent combat changes have tightened the teaching ranges. Your mileage may vary depending on your stats, buffs, mastery skills, armor, and other factors.

The "relative creature level" is an OOC designation that does not necessarily correspond with Player Character Levels. It is generally correlated with rank ranges, but as noted above, your mileage may vary.

It is recommended that you use this data as a relative indication of skill instead of relying heavily on the rank ranges or creature levels.

This is a convenient list of creatures that can be hunted in Therengia (excluding ones that are only found during invasions or quests).

All Monsters

 Min SkillCapCreature
Heggarangi frog0261falsetrue
Zombie goblin035truetrue
Scarlet crayfish1538falsetrue
Tortured soul (1)16458falsefalse
Wildland goblin1742truetrue
Wild boar18424falsetrue
Goblin shaman20504truefalse
Salt crab2542falsetrue
Corpse grub2545falsetrue
Grass eel25505falsetrue
Wood Troll (1)36537truefalse
Black bear4559falsetrue
Revenant zombie45598truefalse
Meadow ram4570falsetrue
Thunder ram477010falsetrue
Bone wolf557310falsetrue
Dusk Ogre607510truefalse
Dark fiend6075truefalse
River caiman6090falsetrue
Giant wolf spider7098falsetrue
Sun vulture70100falsetrue
Lesser sluagh (1)7011016truetrue
Morah vine70120falsefalse
Morah creeper7014017falsefalse
Blood wolf (2)759014falsetrue
Sand spider8010015falsetrue
Young red brocket deer90110falsetrue
Young ogre9012019truefalse
Immature firecat90125falsetrue
Young firecat9014047falsetrue
Gypsy marauder100125truefalse
Blue-belly crocodile (1)100140falsetrue
Wood Troll (2)100145truefalse
Shifty-eyed skinflint100150truefalse
Miserly Moneygrubber100150truefalse
Piruati serpent10015025falsetrue
Troublesome tightwad100150truefalse
Lesser sluagh (2)10016024truetrue
Pugnacious pinchfist100160truefalse
Scout ogre12016022truefalse
Swamp troll (1)12016023truefalse
Grey and tan mottled westanuryn120170falsetrue
Shaggy black barghest120180falsetrue
Nightweaver unyn12018828falsetrue
Giant thicket viper12516525falsetrue
Red brocket deer135180falsetrue
Spiny dyrachis14020034falsefalse
Pirate (1)140200truefalse
Alley thug140230truefalse
Swamp troll (2)140235truefalse
Heggarangi boar150200falsetrue
Lesser sluagh (3)15020034truetrue
Nightreaver unyn15022540falsetrue
Grey clay soldier15024050truefalse
Cadaverous yeehar150300truefalse
Lesser shadow hound16021033falsetrue
Vicious warcat160230falsetrue
Small peccary175250falsetrue
Grey clay mage175250truefalse
Orc scout180230truefalse
Grey clay archer180240truefalse
Angiswaerd hatchling180250falsetrue
Mottled westanuryn180290falsetrue
Orc bandit180317truefalse
Swamp troll (3)190260truefalse
Rhoat moda190280falsetrue
Pale grey death spirit20025035truefalse
Dark spirit (2)200250truefalse
Elder red brocket deer200260falsetrue
Hulking black barghest210290falsetrue
Long-fanged warcat220300falsetrue
Velakan slaver225360truefalse
Red-Gold scaled atik'et (1)230280truefalse
Dark sprite (1)230370truefalse
Forest geni25035045truefalse
Fledgling forest gryphon (1)25038050falsetrue
Zombie nomad260410truefalse
Greater shadow hound27038067falsetrue
River boa275350falsetrue
Greater sluagh280060truetrue
Sabre-toothed warcat28035051falsetrue
Nightstalker unyn28035057falsetrue
Orc reiver28035054truefalse
Bristle-backed peccary28040058falsetrue
Fledgling forest gryphon (2)28040058falsetrue
Red-Gold scaled atik'et (2)280430truefalse
Sinuous elsralael300350falsetrue
Marbled angiswaerd300400falsetrue
Young forest gryphon30042060falsetrue
Tree Snake30042060falsetrue
Supple firecat300430falsetrue
Gam chaga30045068falsefalse
Lesser dusky-scaled basilisk30052072falsetrue
Ruby-crested adult forest gryphon30055089falsetrue
Birdcatcher Spider31042060falsetrue
Silver-tipped mature forest gryphon315070falsetrue
Maelshyvean shadow beast32065079truetrue
Maelshyvean cinder beast35057079truetrue
Isundjen conjurer360500truetrue
Orc raider38045065truefalse
Gold-taloned elder forest gryphon38060090falsetrue
Orc clan-chief40050074truefalse
Scaly seordmaor40053078falsetrue
Ashu hhinvi500700100truefalse
Sky giant550700105truefalse
Sinister Maelshyvean hierophant575700101truetrue
Bronze leucro600800falsetrue
Giant gatekeeper skeleton2,0000truefalse
Dark sprite (2)2,0000truefalse
Dark sprite (3)2,0000truefalse
Dark spirit (3)2,0000truefalse
Gatekeeper skeleton2,00085truefalse

Skinning and Locksmithing

Skinnable Monsters With Boxes

 Min SkillCapCreature
Zombie goblin035
Wildland goblin1742
Lesser sluagh (1)7011016
Lesser sluagh (2)10016024
Lesser sluagh (3)15020034
Greater sluagh280060
Maelshyvean shadow beast32065079
Maelshyvean cinder beast35057079
Isundjen conjurer360500
Sinister Maelshyvean hierophant575700101

Skinnable Monsters

 Min SkillCapCreature
Heggarangi frog0261false
Zombie goblin035true
Scarlet crayfish1538false
Wildland goblin1742true
Wild boar18424false
Salt crab2542false
Corpse grub2545false
Grass eel25505false
Black bear4559false
Meadow ram4570false
Thunder ram477010false
Bone wolf557310false
River caiman6090false
Giant wolf spider7098false
Sun vulture70100false
Lesser sluagh (1)7011016true
Blood wolf (2)759014false
Sand spider8010015false
Young red brocket deer90110false
Immature firecat90125false
Young firecat9014047false
Blue-belly crocodile (1)100140false
Piruati serpent10015025false
Lesser sluagh (2)10016024true
Grey and tan mottled westanuryn120170false
Shaggy black barghest120180false
Nightweaver unyn12018828false
Giant thicket viper12516525false
Red brocket deer135180false
Heggarangi boar150200false
Lesser sluagh (3)15020034true
Nightreaver unyn15022540false
Lesser shadow hound16021033false
Vicious warcat160230false
Small peccary175250false
Angiswaerd hatchling180250false
Mottled westanuryn180290false
Rhoat moda190280false
Elder red brocket deer200260false
Hulking black barghest210290false
Long-fanged warcat220300false
Fledgling forest gryphon (1)25038050false
Greater shadow hound27038067false
River boa275350false
Greater sluagh280060true
Sabre-toothed warcat28035051false
Nightstalker unyn28035057false
Bristle-backed peccary28040058false
Fledgling forest gryphon (2)28040058false
Sinuous elsralael300350false
Marbled angiswaerd300400false
Young forest gryphon30042060false
Tree Snake30042060false
Supple firecat300430false
Lesser dusky-scaled basilisk30052072false
Ruby-crested adult forest gryphon30055089false
Birdcatcher Spider31042060false
Silver-tipped mature forest gryphon315070false
Maelshyvean shadow beast32065079true
Maelshyvean cinder beast35057079true
Isundjen conjurer360500true
Gold-taloned elder forest gryphon38060090false
Scaly seordmaor40053078false
Sinister Maelshyvean hierophant575700101true
Bronze leucro600800false

Monsters With Boxes

 Min SkillCapCreature
Zombie goblin035true
Wildland goblin1742true
Goblin shaman20504false
Wood Troll (1)36537false
Revenant zombie45598false
Dark fiend6075false
Dusk Ogre607510false
Lesser sluagh (1)7011016true
Young ogre9012019false
Gypsy marauder100125false
Wood Troll (2)100145false
Shifty-eyed skinflint100150false
Miserly Moneygrubber100150false
Troublesome tightwad100150false
Lesser sluagh (2)10016024true
Pugnacious pinchfist100160false
Swamp troll (1)12016023false
Scout ogre12016022false
Pirate (1)140200false
Alley thug140230false
Swamp troll (2)140235false
Lesser sluagh (3)15020034true
Grey clay soldier15024050false
Cadaverous yeehar150300false
Grey clay mage175250false
Orc scout180230false
Grey clay archer180240false
Orc bandit180317false
Swamp troll (3)190260false
Dark spirit (2)200250false
Pale grey death spirit20025035false
Velakan slaver225360false
Red-Gold scaled atik'et (1)230280false
Dark sprite (1)230370false
Forest geni25035045false
Zombie nomad260410false
Greater sluagh280060true
Orc reiver28035054false
Red-Gold scaled atik'et (2)280430false
Maelshyvean shadow beast32065079true
Maelshyvean cinder beast35057079true
Isundjen conjurer360500true
Orc raider38045065false
Orc clan-chief40050074false
Ashu hhinvi500700100false
Sky giant550700105false
Sinister Maelshyvean hierophant575700101true
Dark spirit (3)2,0000false
Dark sprite (2)2,0000false
Dark sprite (3)2,0000false
Giant gatekeeper skeleton2,0000false
Gatekeeper skeleton2,00085false

Constructs (Empath-Safe)

See Empath hunting ladder for a list of all Empath-huntable monsters.

 Min SkillCapCreature
Grey clay soldier15024050truefalsetrue
Grey clay mage175250truefalsetrue
Grey clay archer180240truefalsetrue
Gam chaga30045068falsefalsetrue
Ashu hhinvi500700100truefalsetrue

Undead Monsters

Incorporeal monsters require a blessed weapon to hit.

Empaths can hunt the undead without experiencing shock by using the ritual spell of Absolution. See Empath hunting ladder for more details.

 Min SkillCapCreature
Zombie goblin035truetruetrue
Tortured soul (1)16458falsefalsefalse
Revenant zombie45598truefalsetrue
Cadaverous yeehar150300truefalsetrue
Pale grey death spirit20025035truefalsefalse
Dark spirit (2)200250truefalsefalse
Zombie nomad260410truefalsetrue
Greater shadow hound27038067falsetruetrue
Maelshyvean shadow beast32065079truetruetrue
Sinister Maelshyvean hierophant575700101truetruetrue
Giant gatekeeper skeleton2,0000truefalsetrue
Dark spirit (3)2,0000truefalsefalse
Gatekeeper skeleton2,00085truefalsetrue