Therengia-Kwarlog War

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The Therengia-Kwarlog War occured between the humans of Therengia, led by Baron Paumar, and the dwarven kingdom of Kwarlog. The war officially lasted 15 years, between 49 AV and 64 AV, however, the last 5 years of the war were little more than skirmishes after the disgrace of Baron Paumar at the Battle of Gemfire's Gates and the succession of Baron Artosh in 59AV.

The Keep today still bears the scars of the dwarven assault early in the war. However, while the dwarves won the battles, they effectively lost the war. With so many dwarves lost, Hvaral itself was abandoned by the dwarves, and eventually most dwarves left the Gemfire Mountains and returned to Kwarlog.