Theren's Star

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Theren's Star
Class: barge
Look: the barge Theren's Star
Rooms: 4
Fare: 65 Lirums
Route: Riverhaven

One of the massive cargo craft which service the expansive Langenfirth, this barge is typical of the oar-powered, double-level barges used in this region. Used to transport cargo and passengers between Riverhaven and the Northern regions, it is a slow, cumbersome craft with a modest, rustic charm.

["Theren's Star", Deck]
The first of the massive barges to traverse Lake Gwenalion, "Theren's Star" still maintains a quiet elegance despite its apparent age. The utilitarian deck upon which casual travelers walk is spartan, but the decking is made of expensive tabor wood felled from far southern forests. An oval doorway leads down to the barge's cargo bay, while an elaborately-carved wooden door provides ingress to the comfortably appointed lounge.
Obvious paths: none.

["Theren's Star", Cargo Bay]
A deep, peaty odor sifts through the wood in the belly of the barge, indicative of decades of contact with the murky waters of the lake. Dark, damp and horribly cramped, the cargo bay is filled with crates, barrels, trunks and assorted parts needed for repairs. A single hurricane lantern swings to and fro in time with the barge's movement.
Obvious paths: none.

Theren's Star
Province Therengia
Town Riverhaven, Langenfirth
Owner Ditsworth
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Drink shops, Game
This store only accepts Lirums

["Theren's Star", Lounge]
Open windows allow cool air to circulate as the barge travels on the open lake. Small, round tables bolted to the center floor are surrounded by cushioned bentwood chairs, while tiny booths of velvet upholstery line each side of the room. A massive bar completes the decor, offering light snacks and beverages during the long journey. You also see an elegant archway, a wooden door and a menu.

Item Price Done
Northern ale 5   
Wildberry brandy 18   
Brute sherry 21   
Mudroot fizz 4   

["Theren's Star", Ditsworth's Floating Casino]
Rope Alley is a large room filled with rope tumblers. Groups stand around the various tumblers shouting, cheering, and moaning as they watch the results of each tug. Every inch of available space along the room's walls is filled with a rope tumbler. A colorful banner reading "Fortune can be thine!" hangs at one end and a large sign sits in an easel by the exit. Several well armed Gor'Togs patrol the area. You also see a large sign.
Obvious exits: out.

  • READ sign

The instruction sign reads:

* *
* Ditsworth's Silver Rope Tumblers *
* *
* 1 silver Lirum per pull! *
* ======================== *
* *
* Three Cherries pays: 2 silver *
* Three Apples pays: 5 silver *
* Three Oranges pays: 1 gold *
* Three Peaches pays: 15 silver *
* Three Daggers pays: 2 gold *
* Three Shields pays: 25 silver *
* Three Crowns pays: 5 gold *
* Three Diamonds pays: 1 platinum *
* *


  • Stays docked for 2 minutes.