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Article Number: 25
Dateline: 434-03-02

A few months prior to the new year, Sentinel Captain Cierzen, who reports to the Ferdahl Aemmin a'Emaylian, was heard speaking to citizens after the appearance of one or more crystalline frostweavers near Fayrin’s Rest.

Father Liurilias reported to me that he overheard Ayrell telling the captain: "We had another visit from the crystalline frostweavers.  She appeared and was speaking of Idon's favored and Idon's love and Idon's plans coming undone... She spoke of the Tempest bringing the cold wind.  And the temperature dropped rather drastically. Along with the mist... She said he wished to keep them as slaves forever, but they would be free. Asked me to dance with her.  Spoke of wanting to dance in crystal. And said she would bring our corpses. And then she died." Ayrell also noted that while she believed there were three visits total, she had personally witnessed two of them, the previous at Sunbeam Circle.

Captain Cierzen mentioned his Sentinels getting reports from the Rest over a span of a few weeks, and they had been preparing for an assault on the city.  He added to Ayrell, "but it looks like you all held them off near the pass." He asked that Ayrell and Ezerak continue to spread news of the happenings to concerned citizens.

I had a chance to catch up with Ayrell the other day at The Rose Inn.  We sat at the bar and, as I sipped a sherry, she admitted, "I have been keeping an eye out and an ear to the ground, but there have luckily not been any sightings since the last one we reported to Captain Cierzen."   

Ayrell nodded when I asked her to share what she knew about the first two visits, telling me that they initially showed up at the spars being held by the Ilithi Events Task Force in Sunbeam Circle, which she witnessed herself, and she heard from Allye that she had come across another frostweaver a few days later, with similar results.  Like the latest frostweaver, the Sunbeam one made mention of dancing and referenced Idon.

Ayrell further clarified to me that, when she questioned the latest frostweaver on how one would dance in the crystal, she threatened, "I can take your frozen corpse there."  After making this statement, she advanced on Ayrell, summoning other frostweavers and two snowbeasts she called by the names Bruapna and Magisna.

Citizens are encouraged to keep a look out for more crystalline frostweavers in Ilithi and report any findings back to Cierzen.  The motives behind these puzzling messages and acts of violence outside of Shard's city walls remain unknown, for now.


Shaylynne Sauvage
Assistant Reporter of the First Land Herald

Real Date: Unknown Date




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Milene's Rose Inn

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