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Tezirah Eilsina
Status: Alive
Guild: Moon Mage
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Location: Plane of Probability
Relatives: Tethia

Ancient sorceress and Moon Mage from ca. 700 BL who is now trapped in the Plane of Probability. Escaped briefly (ca. 360 AV) by using the obelisk on Taisgath, but was pushed back by a group of Moon Mages including Grandmaster Taramaine and Pathian. Central figure in the events surrounding the Mirror Wraith Prophecy.

Executed for sorcery 700/703 BL, depending on timeline, during rule of Demin I. Legend has it that she was hung from an obelisk which lies beneath the present-day location of the Crossings Moon Mage guild. Using portions of the Deceiver device, escaped to the Plane of Probability.

Pathian was briefly trapped in the Plane of Probability with Tezirah. Their reputed child, Tethia, is alleged to have been conceived during this time.

Established what became known as the Progeny of Tezirah (initially taking the name "Thee Saesordian Cabal") 718 BL as a small gathering of mages who held academic interest in the arts of sorcery.

Tezirah herself was responsible for the creation of powerful magic devices, including the completion of the one(s) now collectively known as the Deceiver device, which was central to the Mirror Wraith Prophecy. Work had begun on this item five hundred years prior by unknown artificers (on the modern calendar, approximately 1200 BL).

Grand Squares, most commonly seen in artifacts of devastating ability. The notorious sphere known as the Deceiver which was capable of breaking the boundaries between the Plane of Abiding and the Plane of Probability employed no less than three Grand Squares on each of its three components. This helps explain why it took over five hundred years to create as mages capable of such feats are few and far between


You see Tezirah Eilsina, a Human.
She has jade eyes, very long fine blue-black hair that is unkempt, and pale skin.
She is in her prime for a Human.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing some tattered red robes lined along the interior with midnight black silk, some skull-shaped hair beads, a polished brass earring inset with onyx and jade chips, a pair of translucent crystalline earrings streaked with crimson veins and some black velvet slippers spotted by smoke-colored stains.

Trading Card

Tezirah Eilsina was a practitioner of the mostly lost magical arts of sorcery. She formed a sect of followers known as the Saesordian Cabal, dedicated to advancing their understanding of sorcery, largely by any means necessary, and utilizing the black magics they uncovered. When the Empire banned sorcery, it raided Tezirah's Manor, killing many of her followers, and granting the woman herself an impromptu execution. The legends say, however, that she didn't die, but rather used dark artifacts to open a gate to the Plane of Probability and escape her captors.

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