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Tenebraus Stlinathal
Status: Dead
Race: S'Kra Mur
Gender: Male
Type: Dragon Priest

Tenebraus was High Priest of the Dragon Priests during the time that the Bard Guild was re-established in Elanthia. He kidnapped and tortured Siryn, a woman who was trying to restore the guild, in an attempt to location of her apprentice bards, of which included Silvyrfrost, the current Zoluren Bard Guild Leader.

During fierce fighting, Tenebraus killed Siryn using a foul magic. Tenebraus was cut down by Mir Devoir. He rose again, a corpse no longer and laughed in the faces of those who thought to kill him.

It was then that Siryn spoke from beyond the grave and ordered the Bards to sing. They sang out with songs full of emotion and continued to due so until Tenebraus' life and magic fell apart under the torrent of their music.

The Guild opened that day in the year of Lirisa 349 and Silvyrfrost, protege of Siryn, became the Guildleader.

Siryn's cutlass, partially destroyed by Tenebraus, was recovered by Olaf and now sits on display in the Bard's Guild along with a plaque.

Details about the story can be read in The Restoration of the Bard's Guild in Our Time.

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Tenebraus Stlinathal was once a Dragon High Priest who commanded strongly the forces of fanatics that opposed the restoration of the Bardic Guild in modern times. Fanatical himself, he threw every resource at his command to prevent Bards from regaining their former strength, even taking up a blade himself to slay the Bardess Siryn as she attempted to open the doors of a new Guildhouse in Crossing. As she died, her spirit cried out his one weakness -- song. Thus those present took up the call, singing until Tenebraus's magic and life were shattered by the strong emotions flung against him by the power of music.