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{{ShopHeader|On the long sideboard}}
{{ShopHeader|On the long sideboard}}
{{ShopItem|t=f|red wine|name=a decanter of red wine|0}}
{{ShopItem|t=f|red wine (1)|name=a decanter of red wine|0}}
{{ShopItem|t=f|lemon poundcake|name=a lemon poundcake|0}}
{{ShopItem|t=f|lemon poundcake|name=a lemon poundcake|0}}
{{ShopItem|t=f|roasted wild corn|name=a wooden bowl filled with steaming cobs of roasted wild corn|0}}
{{ShopItem|t=f|roasted wild corn|name=a wooden bowl filled with steaming cobs of roasted wild corn|0}}

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Located in Inner Hibarnhvidar, NE from the gate.

Within the temple are altars to Kertigen, Divyaush and Zachriedek, as well as a 4th altar in the center chamber. There is also a small library off the Divyaush wing and a pool near the Kertigen altar.

[Temple of Kertigen, Clerical Dining Hall]
Long tables with benches pulled up to the sides range the length of this narrow room. At the far end, a massive sideboard is burdened with a dizzying array of food and drinks to rejuvenate tired bodies.
Obvious exits: south.

On the long sideboard
Item Price Done
a decanter of red wine 0   
a lemon poundcake 0   
a wooden bowl filled with steaming cobs of roasted wild corn 0   
a bottle of dark rum 0   
a platter filled with pan-fried rainbow trout topped with slivered almonds in a butter sauce 0   
a crystal bottle of chilled pale golden wine 0   
a small black cauldron filled with savory lamb stew 0   
a savory onion tart 0   
some fresh squeezed lemonade 0   DG
some steamed asparagus 0   
a bottle of modwyn wine 0   
a rich venison tart 0   
a silver platter of roast snowbeast au jus 0   
a leg of rosemary roast lamb 0   
some plump dark purple grapes 0   
a bowl filled to the brim with golden crusty hard rolls 0   
some succulent smoked fish 0   
a kettle of peppermint tea 0   
a large warm loaf of crusty bread 0   
a bowl filled with golden-brown roast garlic 0   
a mixed green herb salad 0   
several loaves of fresh baked caraway bread 0   
a bowl filled with blushing yellow peaches 0   
some roasted garlic-coated bear medallion 0   
a honey-glazed ham studded with cloves 0   
a hefty keg of burdock's ale 0   
a wooden bowl filled with plump red strawberries 0   
a succulent roast boar 0   
a cast iron pot of strong black coffee 0   
The food and drink rotate.