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Store At A Glance
Province Unknown
Owner Unknown
# of Rooms Unknown
Store Type Unknown
This store only accepts ERROR!!!!

Usage Documentaton

Variable Supported Values Usage
Province Zoluren / Therengia / Ilithi / Qi'Reshalia / Forfedhdar Province of the shop, unless it's a festival shop then leave it blank. Will populate on it's own if a map number is provided.
Town -/(town) The town which the shop is in, put "n" to disable, or leave blank if festival
Justice none, city, clan, other
MapNumber Which of Ranik's maps the shop is on, or blank if festival
Owner -/(owner) List the NPC owners, with a single comma and no spaces between multiple ones, or put "n" if none.
NumRooms # The number of rooms in the shop
restrict (guild)/(race)/(sect)/level Is at least part of the store restricted by race, guild, sect, or level? List it, or leave blank and fill in the next variable for level restricted
levelres # If there's a level restriction, list it. If multiple types, list each with a single comma between each, without any spaces.
Store Type

[Guild] / [Race] / Alchemy / Armor / Barber / Boat / Cambrinth / Casino / Clothing / Container / Cosmetics / Crafting / Drink / Dye / Embroidery / Engraving / Estate Holder / Face Painting / Festival / Fishing Supply / Fletching / Florist / Food / Forging Supply / Furrier / Game / Gem / General / Heraldry / Herb / Hider / Horse / Housing / Jewelry / Juggling / Locksmithing / Magic / MAMAS / Map / Miscellaneous / Music / Origami / Pawn / Perfume / Pet / Rare Materials / Repair / Shield / Spellbook / Tack / Tanning / Tattoo / Tobacco / Toy / Trinket / Vault Furniture / Weapon / Wedding

List the types of items sold, for category inclusion. If multiple types, list each with a single comma between each, without any spaces.
Fest y/w/(festival) If this is a festival shop or a merchant that is not always available, put the festival name, or if it is unknown, put "y". If this incarnation is neither associated with a store nor a specific festival, put "w". If multiple festivals, list each with a single comma between each, without any spaces.
Coin Kronars/Lirums/Dokoras/ltb/Bloodscrip//credit/merit/rings/scrip/seastars/ticket/tokens/points For shops with a different currency than the province, festival or rare merchants, what currency they accept. (optional)

Please leave fields BLANK if they are unknown.

Copy and paste the following to your page:

{{Store At A Glance
|Store Name       =
|Province         =
|Town             =
|Justice          =
|MapNumber        =
|Owner            =
|NumRooms         =
|restrict         =
|levelres         =
|Store Type       =
|Fest             =
|Coin             =