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Requirements: Unknown
Slot Cost: Unknown
Difficulty: Unknown
Type / Skill: Unknown / Unknown
Contest: Unknown vs. Unknown
Path: Unknown
Description: Unknown
Messaging: Unknown

This template provides an infobox for non-magical ability articles for all guilds. Notes and commentary should be added on the individual articles via normal article editing.

Usage Documentation:

Variable Supported Values Usage
name Ability name if different from page name. (optional)
prereqs -/# Number of previous required abilities
reqs -/<reqs> Any prequisits needed to learn. Do not add links.
slots -/# The number of ability slots to gain.
cost -/<cost> The cost to use the ability described in full.
costs -/<cost> Short form of the cost entry (no links)
desc -/<description> The teaching NPC's description of the ability.
effect -/<effect> What is the power's effect?
messaging -/<messaging> The messaging shown when activated
type -/combo khri/special khri/commune/finesse/potency/subtlety/roar/form/berserk/meditation/ritual What kind of ability is it? Separate different entries by "," with no space.
obsolete yes/ Used to indicate ability is obsolete and prevents category inclusion.

When making a new article, copy the text below into the edit window and fill in the parameter values as appropriate.