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Interacts with socketed jewelry sold by Flintheart's Fine Imports, found in the Better Box o' Gems and the Finest Box of Gems. These were released during the Hollow Eve Festival 410.

These gems come in multiple versions, all with the same LOOK prior to placement into a setting:
Though smoothly polished, the surface of the gem is dull and blotchy, not unlike old, dirty glass.

There are 2 types of tarina, standard and pure. The standard will change the appearance of tarina settings as documented below. Pure tarinas will have the added affect of causing room messaging (atmo messaging) to occur.

The Tarina's will last indefinitely while inactive, however once you place one into a setting, they begin to degrade. You can APPRAISE your tarina to estimate the amount of time left before it fades away. Once the appraisal value reaches zero (0) is when that will happen. You can extend the duration of your Tarina by removing it from the setting when you are not needing to display it.

As only the atmospheric pulses cause the decay, the standard tarinas can remain in a setting indefinitely. If room atmospherics are desired, then the pure tarinas will need to be replenished as they degrade.

Both types must be provided for alterations.


Aether tarina
Air tarina
Earth tarina
Electrical tarina
Fire tarina
Light tarina
Pure aether tarina
Pure air tarina
Pure earth tarina
Pure electrical tarina
Pure fire tarina
Pure light tarina
Pure shadow tarina
Pure water tarina
Shadow tarina
Water tarina


STUDY <setting>: You could PUSH the pale <setting> while holding a gem to place it in the setting.
PUSH <setting>: You carefully set your aether tarina into your pale <setting> which rapidly turns snowy.
WEAR <setting>: You place a snowy <setting> that shimmers with otherworldly hues in your hair.

Setting Variations & Appearance Outcomes

The following items can be used as a setting to wear and display the tarina's:

Pale armband with an empty setting
Pale bracer with an empty setting
Pale brooch with an empty setting
Pale cameo with an empty setting
Pale capelet with an empty setting
Pale cassock with an empty setting
Pale charm with an empty setting
Pale circlet with an empty setting
Pale cloche with an empty setting
Pale coronet with an empty setting
Pale crown with an empty setting
Pale jacket with an empty setting
Pale pin with an empty setting
Pale ring with an empty setting
Pale tiara with an empty setting
Pale turban with an empty setting

These settings can be used with both tarinas and other gems, such as emeralds, rubies, etc. The tarina's all have very unique outcomes. On other gems, in general the tarina setting will take on the color in the TAP of the gem, for example a tiny peach pearl put into a pin setting will result in a peach pin. If there is no obvious color, the default will be a kaleidoscopic <item>. The following table documents some of the resulting color outcomes, and where applicable, the atmospheric messages given, with various gems:

Gem Type Resulting Item Atmo Messages Notes
pure aether tarina ethereal white <item> that seems to elude the eye * <Person>'s ethereal white <item> is wreathed in white light, its true shape barely visible beneath.
* The substance of <Person>'s ethereal white <item> subtly distorts, as if seen through an imperfect lens.
* A hot, sharp scent tantalizes your senses, emanating from <Person>'s ethereal white <item>.
* The color of <Person>'s ethereal white <item> gradually leeches away until it has taken on a peculiar mirror finish, then just as slowly returns to its original state.
pure air tarina
pure earth tarina metallic brown <item> that smells of freshly tilled soil * Bands of molten orange and carbon black undulate across the surface of <Person>'s metallic brown <item>, reminiscent of a cooling lava flow.
* <Person>'s metallic brown <item> subtly changes until it seems to be carved from glossy obsidian. Just as slowly, it returns to its original state.
* A sharp *crack* assails the air as <Person>'s metallic brown <item> is fractured by an intricate web of fissures. The pieces slowly unite again, the joins glowing like molten metal.
* A tendril of shining metal twines vine-like about <Person>'s metallic brown <item> before slowly sinking out of sight.
pure electrical tarina vibrant yellow <item> that arcs with electrical discharges * A snake-like tendril of pure electricity undulates across <Person>'s vibrant yellow <item>.
* A delicate webwork of brilliant electricity dances across <Person>'s vibrant yellow <item>.
* A tiny sphere of electricity spirals away from <Person>'s vibrant yellow <item>.
* A jagged arc of electricity writhes across the surface of <Person>'s vibrant yellow <item>.
pure fire tarina
pure light tarina pristine white <item> that glows with a myriad of colors * <Person>'s pristine white <item> glows warmly, the light dappling its surface like sunlight on water.
* The glow from <Person>'s pristine white <item> stutters and strobes, resembling lightning on a stormy night.
* The light dancing across <Person>'s pristine white <item> grows brighter, seeming to glow from within.
* The brilliant colors of a stormy sunrise enwreath <Person>'s pristine white <item>, changing and shifting prismatically.
pure shadow tarina
pure water tarina
aether tarina snowy <item> that shimmers with otherworldly hues
air tarina sky blue <item> that glistens like rainfall
earth tarina metallic <item> that glimmers with deep green hues
electrical tarina shocking yellow <item> that crackles with flashes of light
fire tarina bright red <item> that flickers like open flame
light tarina pure white <item> that glows softly
shadow tarina matte black <item> that drinks in ambient light
water tarina vivid blue <item> that ripples with deep blue waves
absinthe emerald green <item>
banded blue hawkseye, medium blue <item>
bloodmist garnet kaleidoscopic <item>
breathtaking heartstone kaleidoscopic <item>
chaos chalcedony blue <item>
chunk of gloamstone kaleidoscopic <item>
chunk of howlite kaleidoscopic <item>
cushion-cut shadow emerald kaleidoscopic <item>
faceted clear diamond, huge pale <item>
grey hematite, medium grey <item>
haze sapphire kaleidoscopic <item>
lapis lazuli, large blue <item>
mint green emerald mint green <item>
nightfire opal indigo <item>
peach pearl, tiny peach <item>
pink morganite, large pink <item>
pitch pearl kaleidoscopic <item>
purple amethyst, large purple <item>
rose topaz, medium rose <item>
sea-green sapphire, large cobalt <item>
shrike's eye sapphire kaleidoscopic <item>
spotted mint green peridot mint green <item>
turquoise, medium blue <item>
whirl-cut spring emerald kaleidoscopic <item>

Gems that didn't work with a setting were:

  • jackal's heart pearl

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