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I got the appraisals listed from friends and off other sites so I'm not personally sure of them myself. Hopefully there's people out there with more appraisals to add.

--Kittn 21:08, 26 February 2008 (CST)

Data Collection

245 skinning, 385 mech lore non-arranged snowbeast pelt pocketed cloak pattern

Uttelry ruined the pelts while CUTting it, with messaging saying you clearly need more practice; no chance of success, it seems.

Cloak appears to be a very difficult pattern. Snowbeast pelts appear to be extroadinarily difficult material.

After using capped Mech CJ, 50-60 ranks Skinning CJ, minor(?) mechanical lore prediction (immediately after a maxed lore pool prediction that failed to boost anything according to div bones) and moderate skinning prediction. Large cast of Hands of Lirisa. Estimated effective Skinning of 350 and effective Mech lore 550.

Cutting appears to be done with ease. However, Cloak and Knee-high Moccasins patterns do not show "Quality" adjectives with "snowbeast-pelt".

"Shoddy" Snowbeast-pelt Cape and Saddle were created at the end, but various boosts may have worn off by then.--Niaura 09:34, 25 March 2009 (UTC)

Superb Reinforced Leathers made with perfect arranged croc skin using 333 Mech, 421 Leather Skill and 442 skinning Connor

More Data

82 skinning, 177 mech lore, 106 leather armor, 118 shield
non-arranged crocodile skin
thin face mask pattern
shield pattern

Carefully scraped pelts (any with bad scraping tosses), was able to make a "well-made crocodile skin mask" and a "crocodile skin shield"

85 skinning, 180 mech lore, 108 leather armor
perfect blood wolf pelt
pocketed cloak pattern
Tossed any bad scrapes, tried 5 attempts and every attempt failed to cut the pattern correctly.

91 skinning, 182 mech lore, 111 leather armor
perfect troll hide
thick leathers pattern
Stitching had lots of issues. Armor came out as follows:
a rough troll-hide coat mod man, light steath fair all across except for medium /fair electrical average strength, 399 stones.

--Hithrael 15:29, 25 March 2009 (UTC)