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Hunting Info

2.0 Data

Hard capped offense at 145 (does not teach at 146)

Hard capped defense at 130

Note: Currently hunting Snowbeasts; evasion stopped learning at 144.

At 149 Shield, 3 snowbeasts won't budge it any further, but a fourth will quickly move it to mindlock in about 10 minutes

Hard cap stealths at 152 or less.

Skinning hard caps at around 144, without arranging.

A great stepping-stone between the 60/70-100 ranked creatures and the 100+ range.

Manipulate teaches Empathy up to 140 ranks and then stops entirely. As soon as you roll over 140 not even manipulating two at a time will make it budge.


snowbeasts just north of gondola stopped teaching parry at 127 ranks, post 3.0


Cleric. 20 in stats. Centering, minor physical protection, and major physical protection up. Forged chain

Could handle 3 with 73 in parry/evasion/shield/armor/defending. 4th would lead to injuries stacking up.

Can handle 4 with 80 in parry/shield/evasion/armor/defending. With a few hits here and there. Training very well

Weapons are teaching well in the 70s. Debilitation teaching ok in the 90s. TM teaching ok in the 90s

Can skin, but not arrange with 65 skinning 100%.

WM, 27 Agi, 22 Ref:

Weapons soft cap @ 100-110 (secondary). TM/Debilitation soft cap at 100 (primary). Defenses still teaching reasonably well @ 100+.

Snowbeasts south of Gondola appear to have much higher offensive skill than snowbeasts north of Gondola.

2019-09-01: Can Manipulate 1 at 79 ranks, but not two.