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I was going to update the weapon links on this page so folks could start adding in some of the different items. It looks like a number of the wood weapons have the same name as metal weapons though, so the link can't be to just "cane (crafted)" or "nightstick (crafted)", as that is already a metal weapon page (I left the cane link as an example).

  • Did we want these to be "wood cane (crafted)"?
And if so, did we want to update the metal versions to be "metal cane (crafted)"?
  • Or did we want to keep the links to "cane (crafted)" but update those pages to include both metal & wood?
  • Or, did we want to go the naming route of the stone weapons, so it would be "cane (wood)"?
And if we did this, did we want the metal names updated to match, so "cane (metal)"?

Thanks! --Kythryn 18:09, 19 June 2015 (CDT)