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Conversation Topics


Mo says, "Well well, <person>, I've been hearin' about ya...not all bad, neither. In fact, it looks like yer ready to be promoted!"

"Ya know if ya work twice as hard, someday ya MIGHT be as good as me!" the Gor'Tog snickers. "Anyway, back to yer promotion." He thwaps you on the forehead and grunts, "There, now git!"

Mo adds, "Well whaddaya know. Looks like ya ready ta hear more about makin' ya enemies be nicer ta ya so's ya can chop off dere heads. Dat's a roar, ya know."

Circle to 50

With a grunt of approval, Mo adds, "I've told ya about da power of bein' angry before, but ya look ready ta learn more. Find dat old nut Charak, out on Pokehekepi beach an' ask him." He mutters quietly, "Dat old guy knows some t'ings about it dat even I didn't dream up."