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Province: Qi'Reshalia
Currency: Lirum
Population: Unknown
Established: Unknown
Alternate Names: None
Dominant Race: None
Dominant Guild: Moon Mage
Government: None
Guild Halls: Moon Mage
Patron Deity: Phelim


Taisgath (Gamgweth for Sky Magic) is a small island located to the southwest of Ratha in the Reshal Sea. Considered separate from the Collection of Qi, it is entirely owned and maintained by the Moon Mage Guild. Prominent features of the island include the massive shell of a sea creature which serves as a guildhall and the mysterious obelisk for which the island was named. Taisgath is also home to the Grazhir shard named Erekinzil.

Prominent residents include Guildleader Lomtaun of Fortune's Path and the gypsies of the same sect who remain docked on one side of the island. The island is also guarded by Taisgath Guardians.

Play.net Description: The isle of Taisgath, in contrast to the crowds and bustle of Qi's other islands, is a peaceful place where Moon Mages gather to study evening skies and books of knowledge.


The Obelisk

The enigmatic obelisk located within a quiet grove on the island has been a source of bewilderment since before the Moon Mage guild was founded. Believed to have been erected before Grazhir's destruction, the obelisk is crafted from an unknown translucent material which glows with its own internal light. It is several feet tall, four-sided and features a gemstone on each face at the apex - a sapphire, a ruby, a topaz, and a pearl. Inscribed into every part of the sides are countless inscriptions in even more languages - some recognizable, some not.

While the main intended purpose of the obelisks is a mystery that has never been unraveled, this obelisk along with its brothers seem to act as a link between the Plane of Abiding and the Plane of Probability, and to that effect are intimately tied with a Moon Mage's ability to predict the future. Two other obelisks like it have been discovered; one in Therengia that was destroyed shortly after its discovery due to being activated but there being no more Grazhir in the sky for it to use, and one in Zoluren, located in the one-time manor of Tezirah which was accidentally turned into a heap of slag by a magical misfire. Popular theory presumes that there was also a fourth obelisk, but its location or if it even still functions is unknown.

On a more practical note, this obelisk is where Moon Mages can learn the Meah K'et cantrip, which serves as a handy light-source in a pinch. Next to the obelisk beneath a slab of stone is the entrance to the Limestone Strata, where the two planes seem to bleed into each other as the shadows there become very solid, quite alive, and extremely violent.

Taisgath Guildhall

Approaching the building, its true nature becomes apparent -- it is the horned shell of some enormous sea creature. Dotted with windows and narrow terraces, the central portion of the shell spirals into the sky. Towering glassine doors lead through the mouth of the deserted husk.

The silvery-white shard Erekinzil

A shard of the fabled moon Grazhir, Erekinzil connects Taisgath to the microcosm of the Astral Plane. The shard known as Erekinzil is little more than a silvery-white pebble. Its sides are so rough that rubbing the shard could abrade skin. The shard is held aloft by two crystal pincers on the apex of a thin steel column.

The Sel Dyrtais

Gamgweth for sea bird. Home to the Follower's of Fortune's Path, The Sel Dyrtais is semi-permanently docked to the isle of Taisgath.

Shrine to Phelim

Located next to Cresent Cove. Within the shrine is a permanent Moongate (only while a moon is up!) providing access to the third tier of Ratha.


The Sel Dyrtais, Covered Aft Deck - Shop for Fortune's Path sect.

Tokka Painter's Hut - Owned by the famed artisan Diansine. Shop sells Tokka decks.


RanikMap90d - Taisgath


***SPOILER - Walk through of the 100th Circle Quest***

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