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Summoning is a Warrior Mage-only skill that represents a Warrior Mage's facility with the elements. It currently affects familiar summoning, Aethereal Pathways, creation of elemental weapons, the creation of Elemental Domains, and powers the Barrage ability.

Spells and abilities that boost Summoning


Spells and abilities that decrease Summoning


Elemental charge

All applications of the SUMMONING skill are fueled by elemental charge, which requires the Warrior Mage to first ALIGN to one of the elements.

  • Maximum elemental charge begins with a static base amount and is modified upward based on your Stamina, Discipline and Summoning Skill.
  • Charge is increased by using SUMMON ADMITTANCE or by casting spells of your ALIGNed element.
  • It is decreased by using SUMMON IMPEDANCE, casting spells of your ALIGNed element's opposing element, and using summoning abilities.
  • Each spell contributes the same amount to charge.
  • Cyclic spells contribute charge only on the initial cast.
  • Using a summoning based ability that is aligned with your aligned element drains half as much elemental charge as it would if you were aligned to a neutral element.
  • Using a summoning based ability that is opposed to your aligned element drains twice as much elemental charge as it would if you were aligned to a neutral element.
  • Charge level does not change over time.
  • Every 200 ranks of summoning reduces summoning round times by 1 second to a minimum of 10 seconds at 1000 ranks.
  • Each SUMMON ADMITTANCE raises elemental charge by 1 tier.

Elemental domains affect how charge is gained or lost and counter environmental penalties for Elemental spells, generally making it easier to maintain charge with the appropriate element.

Charge level can be seen using PATHWAY SENSE

Casting spells

  • Aligned element: The complementary nature of the spell empowers you.
(There is a 10 second timer on complementary spells providing charge)
  • Opposing element: The conflicting nature of the spell diminishes you.
(There is no timer on conflicting spells reducing charge)

Charge levels

  1. You sense nothing out of the ordinary. Only magic could detect the useless trace of <element> still in your system.
  2. A small charge lingers within your body, just above the threshold of perception.
  3. A small charge lingers within your body.
  4. A charge dances through your body.
  5. A charge dances just below the threshold of discomfort.
  6. A charge circulates through your body, causing a low hum to vibrate through your bones.
  7. Elemental essence floats freely within your body, leaving little untouched.
  8. Elemental essence has infused every inch of your body. While you could contain more, you'd do so at the risk of your health.
  9. Extraplanar power crackles within your body, leaving you feeling mildly feverish.
  10. Extraplanar power crackles within your body, leaving you feeling acutely ill.
  11. Your body sings and crackles with a barely contained charge, destroying what little cenesthesia you had left.
  12. You have reached the limits of your body's capacity to store a charge. The laws of the Elemental Plane of [Element] scream demands upon your physiology, threatening your life.

Elemental alignment

Warrior mages must choose an elemental alignment. Choices are: Aether, Air, Earth, Electricity, Fire, Water

Element Opposition Not related
Aether Electricity Air, Earth, Fire, Water
Air Earth Aether, Electricity, Fire, Water
Fire Water Aether, Air, Earth, Electricity

At low skill, a Warrior Mage will automatically be in opposition to the naturally opposed element to the one they are aligned to. With around 500 skill in Summoning they can choose to be opposed to an element different from the traditional one.

E.g. Normally when aligning to fire a Warrior Mage will automatically be opposed to water, however, with enough skill they could choose to be opposed to air instead of water while still remaining aligned with fire.

Training methods

  • ALIGNING to the different elements.
  • Using Aethereal Pathways - The primary method of learning Summoning is to activate an Aethereal Pathway. This can be done in or out of combat. Once a pathway has been activated it will continue to pulse as long as you maintain sufficient Elemental Charge - either through casting ALIGNment complementary spells or using SUMMON ADMITTANCE.
  • SUMMONING - Use of the SUMMON ADMITTANCE, SUMMON IMPEDANCE, SUMMON WEAPON or SUMMON familiar commands will grant a small amount of experience.
  • Using the elemental BARRAGE also teaches some summoning skill
  • Teaching or Listening to Summoning - Other Warrior Mages can teach or be taught the Summoning skill.

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