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Kick command
Description is Role-playing command to kick a target, to look like you want to kick yourself, or to throw a temper tantrum.  +
Messaging is '''KICK <self> (while standing or ly
'''KICK <self> (while standing or lying down)'''<br /> ''You see'': Kicking yourself? can't be that bad, can it?<br /> ''Others see'': <Person> looks like <he/she> could kick <himself/herself>.<br /> '''KICK <person>'''<br /> ''You see'': You kick <Person>!<br /> ''Target sees'': <Person> walks over and kicks you in the shin!<br /> ''Others see'': <Person1> kicks <Person2>!<br /> '''KICK <person> (while lying down)'''<br /> ''You see'': You throw a glorious temper tantrum!<br /> ''Others see'': <Person> throws a bit of a temper tantrum!<br /> '''KICK (in water)'''<br /> ''You see'': You lean back and kick your feet, churning up water that sprays out in all directions. <br /> ''Others see'': <Person> churns up water with her feet, spraying you thoroughly.<br /> '''KICK <person> (in water)'''<br /> ''You see'': You kick water at <Person>, spraying <him/her> thoroughly.<br /> ''Target sees'': <Person> kicks <his/her> feet, churning up water that sprays you thoroughly.<br /> '''KICK <item> (not worn or held)'''<br /> ''You see'': Now what did <item> ever do to you?<br /> ''Others see'': <Person> just tried to kick <item>.<br /> Additional custom usage available for many verby items.
stom usage available for many verby items.  +
Page type is command  +
Pretty name is Kick  +
Categories Commands , Combat commands , Role-playing commands
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