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Ethereal Fissure
Ability difficulty is intermediate  +
Ability effect is +Mana level, Room-wide elemental only.  +
Ability skill is utility  +
Ability type is area of effect  +
Boosts Mana +
Casting cap is 100  +
Cyclic spell false  +
Guild association is Warrior Mage +
Magic type is Elemental Magic  +
Maximum duration is 40  +
Maximum skill is 800  +
Messaging is '''CAST:'''<br /> You roll your hand
'''CAST:'''<br /> You roll your hands in an elliptical pattern in front of you.<br /> A spinning ball of vivid blue aether appears within the pattern your hands define.<br /> The spherical ellipse of vivid blue aether flattens and expands. A fine mist covers the ellipse, which clears on a gust of wind leaving a fissure in its place.<br /> '''CLOSE:'''<br /> You face a small aqueous fissure and clap your hands together forcefully.<br /> The aqueous fissure collapses in on itself, winking out of existence.<br /> '''EXPLODE:'''<br /> You gesture.<br /> Suddenly the fiery fissure is torn apart by a blinding explosion! A thunderous boom echoes throughout the area. You feel the backlash of elemental mana ripple through you as the streams of mana, once so clear and in focus, blur and grow faint.
o clear and in focus, blur and grow faint.  +
Minimum duration is 10  +
Minimum prep is 15  +
Minimum skill is 80  +
Page type is spell  +
Pretty name is Ethereal Fissure  +
Scroll-only spell false  +
Signature spell true  +
Slot cost is 2  +
Spell abbreviation is etf  +
Spell cast type is standard  +
Spell source is guildleader  +
Spellbook is Aether Manipulation  +
Targeted magic spell false  +
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Ethereal Fissure + , Ethereal Fissure +
Categories Area of effect abilities , Spells , Warrior Mage spells , Guild Leader spells , Aether Manipulation spellbook , Signature spells , Standard spells , Utility abilities , Intermediate abilities
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23 September 2018 22:08:04  +
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