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Estate Holder Charity Auction 434
Source for Item:Set of polished double crystal bone rings + , Item:Set of four double Ocean's Deep emerald studs + , Item:Shimmering goldweave ballgown with exquisite summer's heart sapphire sleeves + , Item:Pale orchid ialalhe gown edged in heartstring lace + , Item:Antiquated kiralan signet ring bezel-set with an Ocean's Deep emerald + , Item:Delicate flamewood trinket case fit with a heart-shaped lock + , Item:Black korograth leather backpack with ebony clasps + , Item:Blued moonsilver and unicorn spinel earrings dotted with Imperial rubies + , Item:Verdant jadeleaf cloth mantle draped with garlands of Nature's Canopy emeralds + , Item:Dark ochre Elven wool gown embellished with delicate white embroidery + , Item:Claw-footed bed crafted of lustrous carved dragonwood + , Item:Pair of Imperial weave lootboots with stormwood heels + , Item:Intricately beaded gold reticule clasped with a sunset opal + , Item:Sweeping forest green greatcloak edged with a dark brown vine pattern + , Item:Midnight dreamweave cloak graced with delicate starglass and moonsilver strands + , Item:Pair of oval mistglass earrings hung from a fine platinum chain + , Item:Fuchsia silk moneybelt with a polished indurium clasp + , Item:Burnished gold brocade longcoat fit with dawnfire steel toggles + , Item:Resplendent Longleaf lotusweave ballgown clasped with a Musparan gold sapphire + , Item:Indigo backpack embroidered in gold silk + , Item:Dapper black songsilk top hat trimmed with a curling golden gryphon plume + , Item:Large shadowleaf panther with glinting midnight diamond eyes + , Item:Narrow shadowbark aquarium filled with a variety of sea creatures + , Item:Demure emerald green walking dress with an embroidered gold bodice + , Item:Blackened moonsilver cufflinks set with shards of maelstone + , Item:Alluring royal blue avia gown with a frothy mermaid-style skirt + , Item:Sleek shadowleaf recliner with tapered telothian legs +
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Estate Holder Charity Auction 434 +
Categories Auctions
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8 July 2020 17:04:25  +
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