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Status: Historical Figure
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Relatives: Kiernion, Kanton, Sable (1), Lanival


Sorril, an Elf, was the daughter of Kiernion, the leader of the Forest Elves at the time. Sorril fell in love with Kanton, a Human, and later eloped with him in 1008 BL and became pregnant with his children, despite being promised to Rivyn, an Elf and Morganae's son. Because of this, Sorril's father declared war on the Humans, as he had made an arrangement with Morganae to marry Sorril to Rivyn, which Kanton ruined by marrying Sorril in Rivyn's stead. Thus started the Elven-Human War. When Rivyn killed Kanton in Sorril's presence, Sorril took Kanton's sword Glisinais and stabbed Rivyn in the heart with it. Sorril had twins (unusual for an Elf) -- Sable and Lanival -- and then Faded in 1003 BL, the same year in which the war ended.

These dates are based off of the timeline provided by GM Atrathien in 1998, which differs a bit from the timeline provided by GM Cadaya in 2001.