Solvajelt Lasa'Zindu

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Solvajelt Lasa'Zindu
Province Qi'Reshalia
Justice Unknown
Town Hara'Jaal
Map Ranik's Map 106
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Tattoo shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Solvajelt Lasa'Zindu]
The wood walls are splashed with a rainbow assortment of colors. Pots of dyes and paints are piled high on shelves and stacked in corners, alongside wooden racks holding rows of the slender bone needles used to create designs on living skin or scales. A number of assistants stand ready to aid the master skin artists as they work with their customers. You also see a small sign, a book of skin art, and a bead curtain.
Obvious exits: out.

A small sign reads:
Our master artists are a bit squeamish around the female gender. If a lady chooses a chest tattoo it will end up on the shoulder. I've tried to whip the innocence out of my people but in this little quirk I have failed. --Baron Var'Quel

We provide the highest quality skin artwork. To give you the best service please ORDER your tattoo design first then CHOOSE the location, you will be instructed how to proceed from there.

DISCLAIMER Some of our dyes are fairly toxic and so we will not allow a customer to have more than one tattoo at a time. We also claim no responsibility for loss of life or limb due to infection.

1 = FACE
2 = NECK
3 = ARM
5 = BACK
6 = LEG
7 = HAND

PRICE is 15000 lirums
Cost of a tattoo removal procedure is 5000 lirums
To get a tattoo removed just CHOOSE REMOVE

Skin Art Palace
  • 1 - a wolf's head shrouded by an aura of flame over twin crossed swords
  • 2 - six towers on a field of stars encircled by the three Elanthian moons
  • 3 - an open hand reaching out to provide comfort, a wreath of healing herbs resting in the palm,
  • 4 - a wren perched upon a fisted gauntlet over a lute of gold
  • 5 - a roaring lion over a set of scales weighing a sword and an olive laurel
  • 6 - a crouching mountain lion surrounded by a thicket of thorns over a blazing sun
  • 7 - a pair of hands, one light and one dark, cradling a bridge that spans the two palms
  • 8 - a blood-red scorpion curled around a black rose
  • 9 - a thick-bodied spider sitting in the middle of a silver web
  • 10 - a pair of wings with iridescent feathers
  • 11 - a bleeding heart
  • 12 - a roaring lion with its claws seeming to rip through the skin
  • 13 - a golden hawk with its wings spread wide
  • 14 - a fat troll chewing on an inkhorne's hindquarter
  • 15 - a water sprite dancing around a willow tree
  • 16 - a dove skewered by a bolt of lightning
  • 17 - a platinum coin hovering over a dirty, outstretched hand
  • 18 - a pair of serpents entwined around a hemlock blossom
  • 19 - a delicate heart nestled within a pretty red bow with the words "Get Lost!" stitched onto the trailing ribbon
  • 20 - a grinning demon peering down sardonically at a group of hapless warriors
  • 21 - a skull and crossbones
  • 22 - a black dragon kneeling at the feet of a red-robed wizard
  • 23 - a sleek panther that is stalking a dark armored warrior through the depths of a forest
  • 24 - a grey wolf howling at a moonlit sky
  • 25 - a white rose encircled by a blood-stained thorny vine
  • 26 - a troop of goblins struggling to hoist a slobbering goblin king over their heads
  • 27 - two foxes hiding in the brush while a green-clad hunter stalks nearby
  • 28 - a pit viper coiled around a broken skull
  • 29 - a pure white unicorn kneeling in a bed of clover
  • 30 - a fist of dark clouds holding a sword made of lightning
  • 31 - a winged heart surrounded by flames
  • 32 - an iridescent winged butterfly
  • 33 - a curved dagger with a skull-shaped pommel
  • 34 - a hand made of shadows holding a gold coin
  • 35 - a grinning skull with flame-filled eyesockets
  • 36 - a dark-robed priest kneeling before a dusty altar
  • 37 - a dragon made of blue ice breathing white flames
  • 38 - a green fly perched on a haunch of rotted meat
  • 39 - a red ribbon with the word "MOM" stitched onto it
  • 40 - a skeleton dancing on a bed of fiery coals