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Snipe is the ability to use a ranged weapon (bow, crossbow, sling, TM) from hiding and remain in hiding after the shot.


This ability is restricted to Survival-prime guilds (Ranger, Thief and Necromancer) of at least 40th circle.

  • Thieves and Rangers can make use of this ability with aimable missile weapons (Bow, Crossbow, and Sling).
  • Rangers and Thieves may combine this ability with dual load to snipe a single target with two arrows simultaneously. Both shots will be calculated against the perception of the target, and thus have a chance of pulling you from hiding.
  • Necromancers use a Targeted Magic spell that allows them to effectively snipe with magic.

Snipe Mechanics

Snipe uses Stealth, the appropriate weapon skill, and the guild-only skill (Backstab, Scouting, or Thanatology) as a modifier vs. the target's Perception and defenses.

If you pass the Perception check you will stay in hiding and get an accuracy bonus to your attack. If you fail the Perception check your attack will be a normal attack, and you will be pulled out of hiding.

  • A successful snipe will show the name of the attacker to the target only, but the room will not see who made the attack.

When using Snipe with only Invisibility you will be revealed regardless if you win or lose the Perception contest. If you are hiding, and have Invisibility up, you will stay in hiding with a successful Snipe, but you will still be revealed to the target, and room, by your Invisibility breaking.

Learning Snipe (as a Ranger)

> ask tolle about snipe
Tolle says, "So, you want to learn the whistling kill?"
Tolle chuckles.
Tolle leans over and begins to speak softly to you, "I call it that because if done right, the only thing the prey will see... or should I say hear, is the whistle of your arrow. I'll teach it to you but you need to heed my warnings."
Tolle explains, "First, do not use this skill near a town or city, we have an image to uphold. Don't ask me what that image is, I just know it is not one of murderers."
Tolle says, "Second, the ability is very difficult to use. It takes a mastery of a lot of different skills to use efficiently."
Tolle asks, "Third... Hey, you listening?"
Tolle glares at you.
Tolle continues, "Finally, the way I teach you this skill is different from the way another guild might teach its members."
Tolle winks at you.
Tolle says, "I will show you how to harness the power of the wilderness around you, how to focus and become one with nature. So, know that you would be a fool to think you can apply my teachings to an urban setting. I hardly ever use the ability least of all within the walls of a city."
Tolle leans over and begins whispering in your ear the basics of sniping.
Tolle's words begin to sink in and you feel you are ready to begin trying out this new ability.

Learning Snipe (as a Thief)

> ask kalag about magic
As you approach, Kalag the Sly reaches under his desk and pulls forth a small crossbow, placing it on the desk in front of him. "A deadly weapon in its own right, wouldn't you say? However, in true Thief style, its worth is more in the possibilities it affords, rather than its mere construction. You've always known how to deliver a backstab to your foes, but to deliver death unseen from afar is a much more difficult task. The principles are much the same, however. Let me open your eyes into a wider world of stealth." The silver S'Kra patiently instructs you on how to fire bows and crossbows without revealing your position. At the end though, he gives you a piercing stare. "Do NOT misuse this ability against other adventurers. If I hear that you have, I will carve the knowledge right out of your skull. Understand? Good. Now go practice," Kalag the Sly smiles.

Snipe Policy


Because snipe now displays the user's name to the target, snipe is now subject to the same rules as any other attack that can be used in PvP. Accordingly, access to snipe has been restored to all characters that lost it by abusing it.

If a player is involved in a CvC or PvP incident and you intervene on that player's behalf (be it to lend a GUARD, to HEAL, etc.) you have just placed yourself at risk for retaliation, that is, you have just given CONSENT to the combatants.

There are, however, conditions on this CONSENT.

First, and foremost, that CONSENT lasts ONLY during the course of the immediate situation. It doesn't apply 10 minutes later. It doesn't apply an hour later. It doesn't apply tomorrow. Even if your CONSENT against the victim is still ongoing tomorrow, your CONSENT against his assistance provider is NOT ongoing, unless they become involved again.

Secondly, that CONSENT only applies to persons who were physically there and visible or audible during the incident. If you're in hiding and don't say anything, you do NOT have CONSENT to just pop out of hiding and start attacking. (If this sounds silly, then put yourself in the shoes of the assistance provider, who thinks that they're helping someone with one opponent while unaware of the eight people hiding.)

Yes, an argument can be made that if those eight had CONSENT against the victim, they have CONSENT against the assistance provider. HOWEVER, if you're unaware of someone's presence, you're not making an informed decision, and that MUST have bearing in a situation like this. While it's imperfect, it's the most fair to all involved.

Example messaging


You remain concealed by your surroundings, convinced that your moving to fire went unobserved.


The bristle-backed peccary notices your attempt to remain hidden while firing your hunter's longbow!
The bristle-backed peccary discovers you, ruining your hiding place!

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